There MAY be an Alien: Isolation sequel in development

I realize this is in deep rumor territory and I have no idea how credible the sources are, but I can’t let this one just pass me by:

If it sounds funny that Disney is involved, remember that after purchasing 20th Century Fox they now own Alien. Personally, I consider Alien: Isolation one of the best sci-fi/horror games ever made and would be thrilled at the prospect of a sequel, though it also bears mentioning that the original development team, Creative Assembly, is part of Sega and likely wouldn’t be involved.

I really wanted to like the first one but I could never get comfortable with the stealth mechanics in the game, lots of “why the fuck was I spotted that time?” while playing.

There were/are whole YouTube videos about the AI / cinematic director controlling the alien in Isolation.

Creative Assembly has this old-school fan mentality that over-40 people have that is really able to dig under the skin and understand what makes a thing tic culturally. I’d be surprised if a non-CA Isolation would have that level of insight.

Yeah I’ve read articles about how the AI worked in the original game, with the xenomorph having an AI with limited information, constantly seeking out the player - and the game director AI having knowledge of both the player and xenomorph’s locations, and occasionally tipping off the xenomorph about your general location. There were definitely quirks to how the two seemed to work, and in certain bottle-necked locations of the game it could definitely feel a bit unfair. But it’s an interesting approach to “gaming” the alien’s constant hunt of the player.

I had issues with A:I in terms of its playability, but the atmosphere was just so fantastic. So I’m happy to hear about this. But it is too bad if CA doesn’t make it. Still, cautiously optimistic.

I thought this article was a pretty interesting deep dive into how the xenomorph behaves.

Honestly it was less the xenomorph and more the androids/people

The article briefly discusses the other NPCs at the end, eg “the human NPCs and the Working Joe’s view cones are almost identical. However, human visibility is massively reduced in the dark while the Joe’s only suffer a minor penalty.”

I don’t have any particular AI gripes about the Working Joes but I didn’t think about them very much. They sure creeped the hell out of me. The idea of a “budget” version of Ash is pretty brilliant.

I’ve said it before, but my Alien headcanon pretty much is just the first two movies and AI.

I know it’s considered a step down, but Alien: Blackout is kind of fun too and continues Amanda’s story.

I’d love this to be true. Hands down the most terrifying game experience for me. The characters were interesting. It didn’t feel like a retread or cash in. Great surprises great set pieces great use of peripherals ( I’m looking at you Kinect).

Not really sequel news, but kind of interesting that they’re bringing the original game to mobile platforms -

The idea of playing Alien: Isolation on my phone seems comically absurd. But who knows, maybe they will find a way to make it work.

I didn’t know exactly where to put this, but since the game is technically a kinda sequel to Isolation, I figured I could put the news about Blackout being delisted here. It’s a bummer, even though the game is basically Five Nights with Aliens, I did enjoy playing it.

Alien: Blackout on X: “” / X (

I searched for it on the Google Play store just now with my Pixel 7 Pro.

It didn’t list it.

Instead it said looking for Alien Blackout? That won’t work on your device.

I wonder what device it will work on?