There's a possibility of gold in those future Star Citizen hills!

What will you be able to do with the in-game land? Building modualr outposts, mining, farming, or plain old real estate flipping are listed as possibilities that may come to fruition. The stars are the limit when the game isn’t even done!

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fund the military campaign against the Vanduul

Turn real money into fictional blood money!

Wee little typo:

People are still giving away to this money fueled sysyphus tragedy? Wow.

No release in sight, but letting people pay for extra features. This Chris Roberts guy is worse than EA. I suppose caveat emptor, a fool and his money are soon parted, etc. But come on. What a scam.

I have an app on my phone called MyRadar and this morning there’s a message of the day regarding Star Citizen. WTF? Why does Star Citizen have anything to do a weather app?

Haha, and here I thought it was clever wordplay to announce the game had gone gold.

announce the game had gone gold.

I read there’s some kind of tie in. Google would know for sure :)

Public service announcement: Don’t read the rest of this thread. You will only be disappointed.