These Are The Voyages-Star Trek TOS Remastered and Reconsidered


Make a general thread for ‘Classic Anthology Series’. Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Night Gallery, One Step Beyond, Thriller. These were great showcases for writers, directors and actors. Loved them when I was a kid, and still do.


My knee-jerk reaction to this suggestion was that the new thread should be about what I want!

Then I sobered up and realized that this is a fine idea. Okay, I’ll make a thread. I’ll start with an OG Outer Limits show. Shall we call early 70s the cut-off?


Night Gallery went off the Air in '73 how about that? Rich, how about you call the tune and if you want to, just tap people to pick a show? If you want.


Night Gallery was really good, thanks for reminding me about that show.


The only thing i would ask is that as you choose an episode, indicate where it can be found. I havent been watching the ST episoded as i dont have CBS All, but I would like to follow these if i can reach them.


The Star Trek original series episodes are all on Netflix, too. At least down here they are.


Star Trek Original Series is on CBS All Access, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix. So you have a lot of options in the U.S, if that’s the region you’re in.


That sounds right.


I thought the idea was to watch the Remastered versions. Are those available on all of those sources.

I pretty much have TOS memorized, having watched all of the episodes at least 10 times each, many more times in some cases. I’d love to see the Remastering, but I haven’t been bothering because I didn’t think I had access to those versions.


Yes, all those services have the Remastered versions now. When we started the Rewatch, Hulu and CBS All Access were the only ones with the original versions, but those are gone now (replaced by the Remastered). I don’t think there’s any streaming service left which has the original versions now. The only way to see the original now is to buy it on DVD or Blu Ray or whatever.


This is not a requirement. Watch the remaster, watch the original, whatever makes you happy.


FYI full episodes of the Outer Limits can be found on YouTube.

I’ll have dinner and a couple of cocktails and try to put the thread together.


The two most famous episodes of any of those anthology series are probably “To Serve Man” and whatever the name on the one with Shatner on a plane with the demon on the wing. You might want to start with either or both of those.


Back to Amok Time – this is the first episode where we hear the famous “fight music” that I can effortlessly summon up into my head at any time.

It’s also the first time we see the Vulcan hand-sign that Nimoy famously adapted from a Jewish ritual. The actress playing T’Pau could not make the sign no matter how hard she tried, so for the scenes requiring her to do so, the crew taped her fingers together and she simply raised them up into frame, “pre-spread”.

On Checkov: Koenig was hired (in part) to sub in for Sulu. George Takei was filming “The Green Berets” at the time, and would only be available for a few episodes during season two (or maybe just the first half). Amok Time is one of the very few 2nd season episodes to show both Koenig and Takei in the same scenes. As I recall, this episode was actually filmed fairly late in the season’s production, but aired out-of-order.


All right folks, let’s advance. This week’s episode is “Who Mourns for Adonais?” and I find this episode to be a bit of a shame. It’s not bad really, in fact the idea that earth may have been visited by aliens thousands of years ago, and their advanced technology caused them to be mistaken for gods, is a fairly interesting one. But mostly when I watch this episode I have a very ‘been there, done that’ feeling. This episode seems to take the all-powerful alien idea from ‘The Squire of Gothos’ and the star-struck female officer from ‘Space Seed’ and just jam them together. They even resolve this episode much as they did ‘Squire’. So I don’t have a lot to add here.

Just one thing, really - I found it interesting that McCoy makes an offhand remark that Scotty ‘doesn’t believe in gods’, where Kirk later mentions that they’ve always found just the one god sufficient. Is Scotty one of the earliest atheists presented on television, or is McCoy just remarking that he doesn’t buy into the polytheistic religion of the Greeks?

I also did like the little verbal pat on the back that Spock gives to Lt Uhura this episode, while she is repairing the communication system. Mentioning that she is the only person that he trusts to make the fix as she is telling Spock who difficult and delicate the work is a nice reminder that she is a competent and valued member of the bridge crew. It doesn’t happen every episode, but all the characters get their chance to shine.


There were a few things that bothered me a bit. Apparently in the future, women will still get married and give up on their careers, as witnessed with the bridge conversation between Kirk and Bones. Not just as an exception, but as the rule, even in Starfleet.

And in this female officer, we kind of see an example of someone who is willing to do just that. She’s more than happy to live on this paradise and lovingly live with Apollo forever. She has to be ordered by Kirk before she stands up for herself as an expert, a scientist, and an independent woman.

And yeah, the line from Kirk about one god being sufficient was interesting. I hadn’t thought of anyone on the Enterprise being religious before, but maybe they are all lightly religious in some way?

I thought the exchange between Uhura and Spock was lightly flirtatious again, like in the pilot.

I agree with you on the overall episode feeling like a second take on Squire of Gothos and Space Seed. Still, it was interesting to see Scotty be so insubordinate. And for Kirk’s self-sacrificing plan to fail.

Despite @Tin_Wisdom’s warning, we got to see Checkov and Sulu at the helm again together. And we found out Checkov is only 22! They both had pretty big roles in this episode. Checkov got to be on the away team, and Sulu got to try all the ways to escape the Hand of the gods.

I really miss the days when the episode finished and you were immediately told who wrote this episode, like in Season 1. I guess writers aren’t as prominent in Season 2.


Not at all, as I mentioned in the first episode, writer credits are at the top of the episode now, right after the title.


I remember. I’ve just never seen it at the top of the episode. I just disagree with you that it’s a better billing than what they were doing before. In Season 1, I felt like the director and writer being shown right after you’re done watching the episode was absolutely the best billing those two credits could have gotten. You’re just done watching, you love the episode or you hate it, and you immediately see the name right there for who to credit/blame for the episode.


This episode made me realize that Dan Simmons wrote an entire two-volume epic on the same theme, i.e. advanced beings using technology to live their lives as Greek gods. I wonder if he even remembered this episode while he was writing it?


Oh? Is that what Illum and its sequel are about? That still sits unread on my bookshelf, the victim of me switching to digital readers around the time that I bought it.