They’re making a sequel to Twister. It’s called Twisters

And I will watch it!

They’re making this movie for the money, not the science.

I hope manly handshakes ensue.

I’m disappointed the sequel isn’t called “The Twister”.

I hope they find someone for the van as good as Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

I tried searching for a thread on Qt3 for Twister, but I guess there was never one for the original movie.

But I did find out from a random thread that Twister was the first movie released on DVD (and the last movie released on HD-DVD).

When we finished weather school back in 2003, they showed us this movie so we could laugh at it.

Before I read this thread, I thought maybe I had missed “Twister - the Movie”

So I thought you guys were talking about a sequel to this: