They’re making a sequel to Twister. It’s called Twisters

And I will watch it!

They’re making this movie for the money, not the science.

I hope manly handshakes ensue.

I’m disappointed the sequel isn’t called “The Twister”.

I hope they find someone for the van as good as Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

I tried searching for a thread on Qt3 for Twister, but I guess there was never one for the original movie.

But I did find out from a random thread that Twister was the first movie released on DVD (and the last movie released on HD-DVD).

When we finished weather school back in 2003, they showed us this movie so we could laugh at it.

Before I read this thread, I thought maybe I had missed “Twister - the Movie”

So I thought you guys were talking about a sequel to this:


Kinda looks… like one expect it would, I guess.

The Twisters font is basically the Friends font. And Glen Powell is doing his best Scwimmer hair in that image.

Yep my kind of disaster film. :)

That trailer did not feature a flying cow. They do not understand their audience at all.

Bold move to make the equivalent of the Cary Elwes jackass character the hero this time around.

They could just use a remastered clip of the cow from the first movie and really lean into it.

Same cow!

Oh no, not again…

I was wondering when we’d finally hear again from the Twister Cinematic Universe.