Things that could be done to improve supermarkets

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who goes to a butcher and a fishmonger but the lure of convenience is too strong

Don’t disagree with you, but the main supermarket chains here do online shopping/deliver and having all the bulky/tinned stuff delivered makes wandering down to the local butchers knowing I only have to carry a pack of sausages, some bacon and a loaf of bread back home really takes the edge off the whole affair :)

Get rid of all the gossip/celebrity mags at the checkout stand. Supermarkets perpetuate the dumbening of America.

[CENTER]The Uninvited - “Too High For The Supermarket”

[I]Got the craving for some lunch,
but I ain’t got nothing to munch
My mind is set on just one wish
a big ol’ sandwich - tuna fish
Time to make a grocery run,
I’ll walk there in the morning sun
Make a list of what I need most:
Tuna fish and bread (for toast)
And though my stomach may be empty,
I’ll feed my head from the horn of plenty
Roll a joint Bob Marley style
and smoke it 'till it makes me smile

Starting off in aisle one,
fruits and veggies by the ton
Hey check it out, raddiccio!
These red leaves, man, they almost glow!
And bok choy! I’ve always wanted to try it,
I wonder if I have enough to buy it?

It’s grown in Japan, or maybe China,
or maybe some farm in South Carolina?
Just then I hear a voice in my head:
“stay focused, man, tuna & bread,”
But right now I’m in produce bliss
Oh man, I’m too high for this

Too high for the supermarket,
too high for the grocery store
Too high for the supermarket,
ain’t gonna shop like this no more

(Everyone in here is staring at me…)

Sixteen different brands of tuna,
Chicken of the Sea or Big Kahuna
Packed in oil, packed in water,
dolphin friendly, dolphin slaughtered
And oh God, what about the bread?
Should I get white or wheat instead?
Or… rye! Rye’s the best I’ve tasted
Rye is best when ever you’re wasted!

Too high for the supermarket,
too high for the grocery store
too high for the supermarket
ain’t gonna shop like this no more

Finally done, its check-out time,
searching for the shortest line
The Express Lane! But they don’t take checks…
and you’ve got to have ten items or less,

so let’s see…
Ding Dongs, a bag of chips,
Cap’n Crunch and some onion dip,
(it’s sugar and salt, space and schism,
the yin and yang of munchie Taoism)
I got my favorite beer, Carlinger,
and pre-sweetened Kool-Aid you eat with your finger

(You lick your finger, then you stick it in the bag, then your stick it down your throat but not too far or you gag)

That’s less than ten! Check me out, go ahead!
Oh, I forgot the tuna and the bread…

Too high for the supermarket,
too high for the grocery store
too high for the supermarket,
ain’t gonna shop like this no more

too high (too high!)
too high (too high!)
way too high for the supermarket, yeah

I really miss Webvan sometimes. back during their heyday, I used to often shop with them. They had great products and a nice delivery window.

I find the stores here in suburban VA to be kinda annoying also compared to where I used to shop in CA. The layout doesn’t make sense, it’s cramped, and it’s harder to find decent produce. They were frigging out of green onions on Sunday, for instance. Who runs out of green onions?

I think the farmer’s market is starting up soon luckily so I am gonna try to hit them up.

Aisles dedicated to grazers.

I wish I could go to my local grocery store’s website, enter all my orders for all of the counters (deli/seafood/butcher) online, and have them waiting for me by the time I got to the store. Waiting at those counters is the one thing about grocery shopping that I just can’t stand.

You just invented Amazon Grocery!

In my local market they have the no tabloids no candy isle. It’s even marked with a sign above it. I think it’s for the weak willed and people like me with kids that grab everything they can as the cart goes through.