Thirty years of horror: The Haunting of Julia (1977)

Title Thirty years of horror: The Haunting of Julia (1977)
Author Tom Chick and Chris Hornbostel
Posted in Movie reviews
When October 18, 2013

Chris: Here's a movie that I had figured out from the start. The Haunting Of Julia is clearly going to be a very British drizzly afternoon stately haunted house movie..

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I did a bit of checking because I was curious about the daughter's death that opens the film (by the way, that's Sophie Ward as the daughter; she's had a nice little career ever since). Apparently Dr. Heimlich's choking maneuver was presented by him in 1974 or 1975, but didn't find it's way into heavy use and training alongside CPU/mouth to mouth first aid training until 1978 or so. So....yeah. By the time this movie made it to screens in the US, the first scene was already kind of obsolete.

God, the beginning of this movie...I can't watch it. To me, the beginning is scarier than almost anything else on this list because it's one of those "every parents' fear" kind of things, something very realistic and in your mind every time you sit your kid down with something to eat. But then..."cut it out!"
So horrifying.

The rest of the picture, eh...I dunno. They definitely don't make this kind of dreary, low-key ghost story anymore, that's for sure...but it's also not a particularly great one (I like The Changeling a lot more for this kind of film). The bit with the clown doll is just silly.