This is my 3,000th post

Oh noes! Grind to level? How about a few quests?

Argue someone on P&R away from their stated position on an issue.

That should get you to the End of World Supernova stage pretty quick, I think.

Oh, and apparently this was my 3008th post. So, uh, fuck yeah!

Well, there’s still a wait for the trolls to re-spawn.

You people post so much more than me. My post to year ratio is horrible.
I wish I could say I substitute quantity with quality but that is probably false.

waves Hi fellow Angelino!!

That’s a lie and you know it - you’re a pretty damn big chatty fuck. Dude towers over me.


I don’t even know how many posts I have. I guess I’ll see as soon as I hit the Post Quick Reply button.

[EDIT] 4569, so I’ll see you guys in 431 posts!

I never notice these milestones until I’ve gone well past them. I arbitrarily choose to celebrate post # 5248!

It’s that time again!

Liar! :)

Time to update that post corsair! :)

Wow, coming up on 8000 myself. Been here eight years. Am I still a noob?

It’s a curious thing, QT3 is the only forum I’ve ever been on in which I have had the slightest interest in my “level”, and that’s only becuase the titles are cool. I’m now unreasonably proud that I am “Neo Acoustic” :)


Thanks, Obama.

I feel inadequate :(

Why, because you haven’t wasted countless hours for over a decade making thousands upon thousands of pointless and insipid one-sentence posts that you’d regret if you ever had the courage to go back and read them?

Pretty much. :(

Now now, Rimbo, don’t be so hard on yourself. You know full well that you can regret them without actually going back and reading them.

True, true. That’s much easier, too!

What an odd thread. Yet somehow this post seems appropriate…