This is not a review of Shenandoah's latest iPad wargame, Desert Fox

Title This is not a review of Shenandoah's latest iPad wargame, Desert Fox
Author Bruce Geryk
Posted in Features
When June 26, 2014

This isn't a game review. There is nothing objective about anything you're about to read..

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Always enjoy reading your articles even though I don't think I am your intended audience, necessarily. But I'll ask the question that comes to mind anyway: how would you rate the game for a relative neophyte to war gaming - say, someone whose comfort zone is normally with the Panzer General or Advance Wars games? Actually, if you were able to put together an article with games that are a good doorway to war games, those that had maybe a flatter learning curve or that we're good at teaching how to play them, I'd certainly love to read it.

I think the Bulge game is better for newbies. I have only touched on this one so far, but it is a fair bit more complex than the first game.

Thanks for reading. I agree with Mike that Battle of the Bulge is a better game for newbies than Desert Fox. I would highly recommend it as a "next step" from Advance Wars. On the PC, my choice would definitely be the first Unity of Command.

So like on a scale of say 1 to 5, is this game any good? :)

Cool thanks guys, I will check out Battle of the Bulge.

Seconding Bruce's recommendation of UoC. It really is quite a joy to play and learn.

Whoops, breezed over Bruce's UoC recommendation. Luckily there's a Steam sale going on, grabbed it for $5.99!

"Right now, you’ve scrolled down to the bottom of this piece, found no
rating, and are now scrolling back up looking for anything about the AI.
I know you, because you’re me when I don’t work on games."

Well played, Bruce. Well played.

Here's the thing. Everyone is the intended audience for Bruce/Tom's work.

Bulge and Drive on Moscow each 70% off during 4th of July sale.

Fantastic, I picked them both up. I tried the demo of Battle of the Bulge last week and I think I'm going to enjoy digging into it. Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions.

You're right of course, I didn't really get my meaning across very well. I just don't have much to add to the discussion, but even not really being much of a wargamer I do enjoy Bruce's writing - same goes for Tom's stuff, and Kelly Wand's back when he had a column in CGM. Reading stuff written by people who are knowledgeable about a subject and write well on it is always a good time.

My favourite comments come from people trying out a genre of games for the first time. It can be refreshing and insightful when they comment about a genre or a game.