This pasta is so good that it only needs one noodle

A three course meal is $67, and this is one course:

If you want steak, it’s another $17.

I have had some pretty expensive meals, but they were fantastic and I walked away full. If I paid $67 for a meal and this was put in front of me, I’d be pissed.


For that price, the dish had better be at least half the size of Arecibo.

Conspicuous consumption isn’t about actually getting value for your money.

You can get value out of a plate of food without it being about the mass consumed per dollar, you know.

Yeah, that’s a pretty small dish… but really, with the most expensive meals I’ve had – even those with really small portions for each course – I’ve left satisfied. If that’s the main course, though, yeah… might be tough. Or maybe that plate is table-sized.

There’s a hand-held cheese grater next to it. It’s pretty small for a meal. I’d be pissed too. I don’t care about the quality of the three bites, either. That’s too little food.

If they didn’t charge 67 dollars for it then you probably wouldn’t enjoy the food as much.

That’s about the size of the courses we got when we did a tasting dinner at Babbo. Of course, there were seven courses in that dinner; as one part of a three-course dinner, that’s a bit on the small side.

Everynow and then, an expensive tasting menu is a great occasion to go out for. I look at them like I would a concert or some other short, but intense event.

With those prices, they should be able to afford a copyeditor.


…their chef’s what?

Yeah I’ve eaten somewhere where the courses were that small, but it was 8 courses and I left perfectly satisfied and not overfull.

I like a good prix fixe, but ‘good’ is a vital word there.

Victoria and Alberts in Lake Buena Vista, FL, for instance. $165 per person for seven courses and wine pairings. Absolutely worth it.

The seven course with wine is $145 at this place. Compare this with the $45 per person Brazilian steakhouse in Dayton, where every bite is as good as you can possible make a cut of meat to be and there’s the added bonus of leaving stuffed to the gills.

Yeah, why pay for creativity or variety when you can eat a giant pile of the tasty same thing?

What’s with all these bite-sized dishes? If the dishes are so great, I would like to have a few more bites worth.

This reminds me of every time I’ve gone out to eat in Paris.

Holy shit; for once, I agree with Jason McC – assuming my sarcasm meter isn’t faulty.

Sometimes what you’re paying for is what you’re getting, not how much.

Unless you’re an expert, how do you know what you’re getting?

I don’t pay for water.