This short for Star Wars Squadrons is exactly the right kind of Star Wars

This short for Star Wars Squadrons is exactly the right kind of Star Wars I have no idea if Star Wars Squadrons is going to be good. In my review for Star Wars Battlefront II, I mentioned that the space arcade combat was one of the positives, and it looks like Electronic Arts and Motive just pulled that right out, spruced it up, fleshed it out, and turned it into its own game. Speculation aside, this short to promote the game is almost a pitch-perfect representation of how I used to think about my time in Lucasart’s Star Wars: TIE Fighter. It’s almost as good as the 2015 fan-made anime short from Paul Johnson. The space between marketing and an actual product can be pretty wide, but it seems like EA is making all the right moves so far. Between this and their commitment to supporting flight peripherals, it looks like we have fans making the game.

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Dangit, they’re gonna get me to pre-order aren’t they?

I know. It’s 2020 and hope and optimism were dead. But this? This is exactly the kind of marketing that will get me.

Makes the Empire somewhat more relatable!

Seems like when he is hiding in the debris he is using active radar or something which should be easy to track.

By analyzing the smallest of changes in microgravity, his ship is able to passively discern the location of objects moving in relation to his ship. In fact, once properly cataloged, every ship is distinctly identifiable due to each having its own unique gravity signature. This is old technology and everyone knows this.

I say that a bit tongue-in-cheek, but i think it’s quite possible. One of my beefs with any space combat is how little thought is given to how huge a role computers/robotics would play in space battles. Literally, every shot fired should impact the ship or its shields because the mathematics of firing light-based weapons in space is quite basic and would be solvable. Sure, you’d want a human (maybe) to pick your target, but after that - every shot should hit until it was destroyed or the attack called off.

You’ve read the Lost Fleet series, haven’t you? ;)

This game’s spaceships lack a HVAC system accurately modeled.

I kept thinking of how many wood, flint and steel you need to grind on the beach to build a campfire.

No i haven’t, is it any good? I’ve been in this book dead-zone for a while now and could use something new…

It’s got the best space combat in any book series I’ve read, very similar to what you described.

cool, thanks for the recommendation - i’m gonna check it out!