This will quite possibly be the worst thing ever

Opie may direct “Caché” remake

I look forward to the inevitable announcement that Akiva Goldsman is handling the adaptation.

Please don’t show me that at this point in time.


Why the Ron Howard hate?

He is sort of the deflavorizer. He makes good movies, but they always seem to have a thick layer of Hollywood safe blandness on the top.

I agree with what Mayer said, except the part about the good movies.

Also, the enormity of Howard adapting Cache (have you seen Cache?) is staggering. Maybe a David Fincher, Darren Aronofsky, or Jane Campion Cache would be cool. Or someone lesser known like Brad Anderson (Session 9) or Rian Johnson (Brick). But not Ron Howard. Anyone but Ron Howard. Is Brett Ratner available?


What’s Jane Campion doing these days? I haven’t heard her name associated with any projects in ages?

Haven’t seen Cache, but I’ll have to check it out now. As for the Ron Howard effect, it definitely an issue with his work. I personally think he inherited it from Robert Redford when he quit making movies and decided to become whatever the hell he is now.