Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Damn, that was one amazing movie. Wil have to see it again on blu ray if they release a 3d version.


Was a fantastic movie, in many ways what I think comic book movies should be.

I’m one of the few who felt that the previous captain america movie was just boring and without appropriate stakes, it landed somewhere between gritty and serious but still lol superheroes. And due to that I think it failed in both. Logan is a good execution on what to do when you want to be serious, and Ragnarok is great at the other end. Don’t try to go into the middle.

But yeah, give me some more of that Ragnarok stuff. No pretense, just pure fun.


Is this a safe space to say I didn’t really enjoy it all that much? My probably overly simplified opinion is that the MCU jumped the shark with this one.

I think that it’s going to be difficult for the Thor and Hulk characters to be in a less comedic movie from now on. Which might be totally fine for 99% of the movie going public.

I suspect i’m the sad individual that would have preferred the much darker version of the movie which is occasional glimpsed in the jokes.


You’ll probably love Justice League.


Too fluffy, I’d recommend Batman vs Superman.


I think that the MCU jumping the shark is great, because it was getting boring as all heck outside of gotg


Making a funny movie is hard. Even on this thread theres people that don’t find this movie funny.
Making a serious movie is easy.

The Greeks invented all of this and refined it already. We are just following their footsteps. Superheroes are basically Greek gods.

I don’t think they will have any problem if they make a serious movie next.


No, no, Thor Ragnarok is a Marvel movie, not DC!



Yeah. At least get the right country, jeez. Wouldn’t want a horde of angry Scandinavians to come a viking.


Thor would thematically totally fit with the greek gods. I like that part of avengers (or was other) where he sit and demand food “feed me!”.


That was the first Thor movie.


Is correct. But I still think about it sometimes.


Never seen that turn of a phrase. That’s awesome. Verbing nouns and all that.


I’m just returning to the words roots, which originally meant overseas expedition. So a vikingr would go a viking, but only after the English goofed and ascribed the verb to the noun ;)


That’s even more awesomer.



This forum needs a vike button.


Saw it today, loved the tone. It felt like a crazy 70s Marvel comic come to life. And man, they weren’t kidding with that title, huh? What a climax.


So we finally saw the movie last night. I will admit to thinking it was all most too much humor, but it is hard to complain when 99% of it works. And the Banner jumping onto the bridge scene brought great laughter from the entire theater.

I was a little disturbed by the quick deaths of the “Warriors Three”.

And of course I left the theater wondering if I had Thor’s Led Zep theme at home. I don’t think I have that CD. Damn.


Spotify has it, as well as YouTube. :)


Regarding your spoiler text, I was too.