Those balls aren't going to lick themselves

Looks like somebody is single again.

don’t click don’t click don’tc lick
damn it!

Ah, conference calls. Once you’ve heard one, you’ve heard them ball.

It’s a trap!

  • Alan

The great thing about Whitta’s posts is you know that every one you read is going to bring you back to the same place. I mean, you know, where you started.

I don’t get it.

Scared to click the link.

The wise man fears the Whitta, but this is just a conference call about licking balls. Who hasn’t had one of those?

4.5 minutes is too long for a Youtube. Sixty seconds or bust.

Maybe it’s only sixty seconds to bust once the licking starts, but sometimes the negotiations take longer.

You can track all of Whitta’s posts back to the actual beginning of the universe; it all started with The Big Bang.

I’ll be here all week, folks!

I died laughing. I passed the “too many conference calls” point months ago.

Scared to click the link.

Eh, it’s YouTube. How bad could it be?

I think you really need to have been on at least one work-related conference call in order to find this funny. It completely epitomizes what happens during one of these calls, but with a ludicrous work task as comedic fodder. As barstein said, if you’ve been in on one conference call, you’ve been in on them all.

There, I’ve completely dissected it. The funny is dead.