Threatening bestiality is illegal?

I’m unclear on what the charge is here…surely, this was just an angry comment. You can get arrested for just SAYING such things?

I dunno. Let’s try something.


Godamnit! I’m calling the cops RIGHT NOW!!!

That’s pretty clear.

Yeah, I’m clear on the technical charges. I’m just wondering why the specific comment keeps getting play in the article. The implication is that it is somehow a criminal offense.

Makes for a good headline and it’s shocking.

Right! If the actress from American Pie busted into my home and yelled, “Nobody move or I blow the dog!” I know I’d be moving like a muthafucka (while searching for my video camera).

Does this mean I can’t say “fuckaduck” anymore?

Not if you mean it.

“I’m in UR apartment molestering UR dogz.”


Well, not really, she just completed rehab and has to keep her nose clean for six months.


Uhmm, bestiality in ANY form is illegal.

Another way to look at it, if she’d said she was going to sexually molest a 12 year old, what do you think would have happened?
Cause, sex with a minor is another major no-no.

Really? I had no idea. But she didn’t commit bestiality. She said she would. You really think she would have done it? She was just being angry and shouting. I have no idea what would happen if someone SAID they would molest a 12 yo. Can you really get arrested for that?

With the way that dog was dressed, it was just asking for it.

That chick rocks, ripping a mirror off the wall and threatening your dog. I’m gonna teach my daughter to be that angry if a boyfriend ever cheats on her or hits her.

By the way how many criminals acted in those Blade movies anyway?

How about if her dog cheats on her?

If that’s in dog years, then it’s bestiality plus geriatric abuse.

Is it a crime to merely threaten someone with bodily harm?

Now I’m no lawyer, but if I recall correctly…

Threat can be considered assault. Actual physical contact is battery. Thus assault and battery.