Through the Ages (iOS and Android) by Vlaada Chvátil


Favorite Age A leader… go!

feel like science is usually a bottleneck for me in the early game so the extra point of science is handy when grabbing cards.


Moses! Let me people go…to work in the farms and mines and temples and universities!



Hammurabi! He has his own code of laws!

I beat the first easy two-person challenge, but only after first being destroyed in a two-player custom game. This implementation is wonderful!

I notice there’s a leaderboard that ranks players by experience. Er, how do I tell how much XP I have?


In my single player game, I just got a consistency check error and it says to not continue the game. I sent it off to the devs, but I guess my game is hosed. Also, it hangs every time I try to shut it down. While the game is awesome from a feature standpoint, it doesn’t seem to be so hot technically.


I don’t usually get Moses because I never feel like food is an issue for me in the early game. However, I guess I tend to always build a 3rd farm early and if you go with Moses you could stick with 2 farms saving a civil action and some resources.


Moses here too. The early expansion feels like it pays off manifold.


Moses for me, too.


Aristotle for me. He’s worth about an extra Age I tech, which can be huge if you get the right one.

I do have a soft spot for Moses though. He’s great to help you avoid the big food crunch that can mess up your game entirely if you can’t get out of it quickly.


I just don’t find Moses to be that great. Too often you end up with huge corruption problems if Age A events trigger some food production. Also due to the way food consumption increases with population, you don’t get that big of a long term economic boost from him.

Caesar > Alexander > Aristotle > Homer > Moses > Hammurabi


So I had been thinking yesterday that I might win more if I focused more on what cards were coming up and what was gone, and what the AIs would need. But I’m not sure how to figure out quite how to do this – how to, in essence, count cards. Do others do what @robc04 is doing?


Hell no, I am too lazy.

But if you wanted to, you click on the decks in the upper right hand side. It will show what’s been played and what’s coming up.


Thanks, but this I know. I just don’t know how to make good use of that intelligence.


My favorite leaders in the game are Cleopatra, Empress Wu Zetian, and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Oh wait those are women.


I mostly did it to help me learn and really pay attention to the cards. I didn’t keep track today when I moved up to a medium AI and got my clock cleaned :-)


@pizzaddict’s question was favorite Ancient Age leader, otherwise I would have chosen Joan of Arc in a heartbeat. The ability to see the politics deck while everyone else plays blind is my favorite thing to do in Through the Ages. Now that’s girlpower!



If we are moving onto Age I leaders than I’m totally onboard with Joan of Arc. Not only do you get the awesome ability to preview the upcommon Event that @tomchick mentioned, but you also get +1 Military Tactic, +1 Culture, and you get +1 Strength from happy faces!


For Age 1 Michelangelo can just push you so far ahead. You can pick up wonders more easily than other players which really is a huge bonus. If you can get the right cards (most notably St. Peter’s Basilica) you can get quickly to a +8 culture bonus. Just have to keep up on military at the same time!

Joan of Arc and Genghis Khan are tied for second. Agree with everything said about Joan, but Genghis gives you access to good tactics without having to invest in Knights and is a easy source of culture.

On another subject, I feel like a lot of players are overbidding on territories. Even if the player is paying the minimum cost (sacrifice 1 soldier, pay 2-5 food to bring him back into population with 1 civil action and 2 stone with a military action to build again) most territories are not worth it generally.

When I don’t want to invest too much on military I tend to play as much territories as possible. If they are blindly taking all of them, they can hardly get farther ahead on military and are just wasting resources to stay even. When you spend on military you’re drawing less Military cards, which means less options to play events or aggressions. During that time you can spend on culture and science instead of military.




I’ve had great success with Ghenghis Khan in 4P.


I managed to squeak out around a 15 point victory vs the medium AI after getting killed last game.

Edit: Now I got clobbered my the hard AI.