Through the Ages tournament

Well played. :)

I was really worried about military for most of that game because I couldn’t draw any Age II tactics. No-one else really pushed it though. Then in Age III it felt as if there was no way I was pulling in enough points without some wars and aggressions.

You should have built 1 more tank. Then you could have had 69 military.

You definitely made the right call. And I suffered mightily for it.

@Thraeg you played the first half of your turn but not the rest, so I just wanted to make sure you didn’t try to play the whole thing and then have it not go through, like happened to rho21 earlier!

Thanks. Yeah, nothing weird going on, I just ran out of time before finishing the turn. Took it now though!

I developed both Scientific Method and Irrigation, and got nothing for it, despite what this card says. Can anyone confirm this bug?

Oh, wait — “from then on” must mean AFTER I replace Nobel? What kind of weird idea is that!?

Looks like any civilization as well, not just yours. Thanks for the heads up ;)

Well duh, Alfred Nobel didn’t win any Nobel Prizes!

Ha, thank you for that!

Does about know what the three houses icon in the corner of the theocracy card means?

It’s the urban building limit. It’s on government cards.

Yep, urban building limit, the maximum number you can have of any class of urban building. It’s 2-3-3-4 for the four ages of government, and increased by the Acropolis.

Is anyone in two games right now? If not, I’ll start the last round!

i think we just have the one game going. A new game sounds great.

Round 4/4 is ready!

@Dave_Perkins (AnanabTilps)
@Chappers (Chappers_UK)
@justaguy2 (windmeal)

@RothdaTheTruculent (aultridia)

I created ours!

And I made the second one. This is the first game I’ve made, let me know if any of the settings are wrong.

Ok, the last game I made I failed to make private, and so a bunch of random people joined. It was fun though! So fun that I kind of forget about my responsibilities to the tournament. Until now that is. The final game is up and running and the invites are out.

There seems to be much less time pressure in this tournament than in the game frame game!

And it’s much more fun as well