Through the Ages tournament

Here there be a Through the Ages tournament!

@Dave_Perkins (AnanabTilps)
@justaguy2 (windmeal)
@Chappers (Chappers_UK)
@RothdaTheTruculent (aultridia)

Could you all confirm by squawking here or squeaking in my ear that you for sure would like to play four games of four-player TTA, followed by a playoff game for the four finalists?

If your name isn’t on this list, but you’d like to join in, please let me know! Squawk or squeak.

Questions Frequently Asked

Q: Are we using the expansion?
A: Yes! Use just the expansion, not the mix. Use digital rules, default timer.

Q: Is @tomchick interested in playing?
A: He would be interested.

Q: How does this work?
A: Games start every two weeks, and we play four four-player games.

Q: I will achieve such glory!
A: Please use questions. Glory goes to the player who comes in first. To determine the top four, we will use minor placings to break the ties. If there is still a tie, we will use most second places.

Q: What if there is still a tie?
A: There can’t be, by Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Q: Is that the one about circumferences?
A: No, that’s a different one.

Q: Are there any more questions?
A: Are there?

In. I’m going to be on holiday from Friday 20th - Friday 27th inclusive. I should be able to play just fine during this time but might be a bit less responsive.

I’m in the UK (currently UTC + 1).

Confirmed, I am so bad at this game


I might join one day, but I just bought the game and I’m still learning to play. ;)


Still in!


Wait, how did I get drafted into this? I only posted in the other thread to say I enjoy this as a game against the AI because I think it has issues as a multiplayer game. But I do support you guys playing it! Please use the forum to trash talk each other.


Oops, I misread “would be” from this:

e.g. “I would be interested in you talking quieter on your cell phone.”

I shall remove thee, @tomchick!

I think that only @porousnapkin hasn’t squawked or squeaked, but I’m sure he is interested.

So we can start!

I forget how we invite people in TTA. Do we need to exchange SSNs or IP addresses?



I like @rho21’s idea of using first place finishes to decide the top four, with minor placings as the tiebreaker. That’s a simple idea that still encourages us all to try even when behind.

I’ll write that up in post two, and get us started! sez:

@Chappers (Chappers_UK)
@RothdaTheTruculent (aultridia)

@justaguy2 (windmeal)
@Dave_Perkins (AnanabTilps)

Could someone from the first game let me know when it has started?

Anyone have a different in-game name?

Use expansion cards only and digital rules and default timer.

Damn, I missed this, and I have the expansion! That’ll teach me to go to bed when you Americans are still awake.

I’m quite curious about this. Do tell!

At the “Create an account” screen I panicked and made the account under a different name, “aultridia”. Sorry for the confusion.

I’m chappers_UK, chappers had already been taken.

@geggis I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone needed a sub at some point during this two-month tourney!

I have created the game for:
@Chappers (Chappers_UK)
@RothdaTheTruculent (aultridia)

If you login hopefully you will see the invite / game! It’s set to auto-start, so the last joiner will be dropped right into the game.

EDIT: The game is called “porousnapkin’s game”