Through the Ages tournament

Signed in.

Ping me if you need me! :-D

Is there any way to get the app to notify you when it’s your turn?

It usually does but since returning that functionality doesn’t appear to be working unfortunately.

My app notifies me (iOS).

Oh yeah, I should clarify by saying I’m on Android. Steam notifications are working as expected.

Update today. Notifications on Android are supposedly fixed.

Ah excellent! I took a turn this morning when I woke up but I’m guessing the update was after my turn came in because I had to notification. Either way, great news.

Well, it definitely didn’t work for me. It wasn’t my turn this morning after I updated, it is now, no notification.

Bizarrely, PushBullet just pushed a turn notification from my phone to my PC but when I checked my phone there was nothing… so something’s definitely going on under the hood, but it’s not firing.


Push notifications appear to be working for me again now!

I got one this morning too.

The leader with the chicken-hat-turban is a bit over powered.

I thought he was talking about the base game.

I really have no idea what I’m doing, it’s like twilight struggle all over again

I wanted to sign up just to be in a game where everyone hasn’t sussed out all the new expansion cards yet. I avoid multiplayer because it’s exactly like Twilight Struggle all over again where everyone you play has memorized every card and exact timing/synergy plays.

I haven’t sussed out the original deck let alone the expansion. Can you be aggressed more than once in a turn if playing against multiple people?

Yes you can…

Oh dear