Ticket to Ride - online and free, and decent


I think some people were talking about this in one of the boardgame threads last year, so I thought I’d point out that you can play this online at Days of Wonder’s (the publisher’s) official site for the game. You don’t even have to buy it. You can sign up for free, and simply can’t start a new game (you can only join one someone else starts). If you own the game you get a year’s free online play. The game itself is very well done, with nice graphics and a clean interface. I’m not a big fan of Alan R. Moon’s designs (they’re too luck-driven and almost always involve collecting things) but I’ve had a good time playing this one over the weekend. It also won last year’s German Game of the Year. The website says it has sold 320,000 copies, which means it is outselling most board wargames (or computer wargames) by like 1000:1. Physical boardgame costs about $25. Great for playing with kids, btw.

I like this one, too. It’s simple to learn but has some interesting decision-making and a fun screw-your-neighbor component, and it plays quickly (~1 hour). Buy the boardgame version–it has nice bits.

I broke down and bought Ticket to Ride Europe in June and now own both that and the original game. They are similar, but the original is more of a gateway game to get nongamers into gaming while Europe features a couple of new features that would appeal more to the average gamer.

As I recall, doesn’t the Days of Wonder deal allow you to play ALL of their online games free for one year? I remember playing a lot of Gang of Four (which is fun, but pales compared to Tichu) and Queen’s Necklace.

I agree though that their site is very well done and the games nicely presented and easy to get into.

Yes, but the Ticket to Ride games are the only ones of the ones they offer that I’d consider playing. I’d love to see Memoir '44 online, but it’s not available.

Yes, Ticket to Ride Europe is a better game for strategy gamers. Again, I’m not a big fan of the design, but in terms of what’s available online, it’s extremely well-executed and a lot of fun. Sorry Tom Chick for saying that.

Days of Wonder rocks ass. Though, their games are typically around $50, not $25.

Pirate’s Cove is the rule!

I have the German version of this game, Piratenbute or something like that and while I enjoy it, I would gladly trade it for the more colorful version Pirate’s Cove. Besides the artwork, not having to have reference sheets for the various cards would be quite the boon.

How’s this for a colorful version of Pirate’s Cove?

This was at Kubla Con. It’s Days of Wonder’s official bad ass Pirate’s Cove implementation. They also had a giant Memoir, but it was just laminated paper.

Just adding my stamp of approval. Bruce gave me a couple of quick drubbings last night, mostly because I was trying to do ten things at once even though there are only two or three things to do.

Great pick-up-and-play game. Simple rules, very few pieces, and a very quick game. The strategic choices are a little limited (mostly when to draw cards instead of playing what you have, or when to get more tickets) but some forethought is definitely required.

I started to get the hang of it in few pick-up games late last night, and think I’ll be putting this on my “buy” queue just so I can host games and get more people to play it.


Very cool. Looking forward to checking it out.

Days of Wonder is da bomb! I own Ticket to Ride, Memoir '44 and now Shadows over Camelot. I love them all! The bits in these games are always top notch. I will (likely) buy Pirate’s Cove at some point too.

I own pirates cove. It’s fun and easy to pick up but I’m not sure you’d want to play it for more than a handful of times, unless you had kids or really loved pirates :D

Wow that is beautiful. S did someone make that by hand just for themselves, or can that be purchased?

Wow that is beautiful. S did someone make that by hand just for themselves, or can that be purchased?[/quote]
When Alex said it was the “official implementation” I think he meant it was a convention display produced and run by Days of Wonder (the publishers of Pirate’s Cove). You see a lot of that kind of stuff at conventions: giant demonstration games with various levels of artistic sophistication, or something a fan made and brought in. I’ve never seen anything like this for sale.

I agree with Calistas - I’m not sure Pirate’s Cove has all that much staying power as a strategy game. It’s really just a very luck-driven game that’s most likely to be enjoyed by children. It’s not something a strategy gamer is going to keep comong back to over and over for that reason.

I’ll put in my two cents on Pirates Cove, too, and echo what others have said: None of my friends think it is nearly as good as Ticket To Ride or Memoir '44, both of which are excellent.

That’s too bad. I’d enjoy a solid “German Style” game with a pirate theme.

Actually, some of the good games do seem to take place during the age of the pirates (Goa, and Puerto Rico come to mind), but there nar’ a scurvy dog to be seen among 'em.

I just got the latest GMT Games flyer and they’re publishing a “Euro style” pirate game called Winds of Plunder. You can also get some considerable advance info at their sneak peek page. Note: the map is apparently a playtest version and not final art.

Brooski - thanks for the link. That looks pretty cool!

I’ve been big-time hooked on TTR for a few weeks now. Was taking a break actually when I noticed this thread. Look for psteinx if you want a game…

Another Ticket to Ride thumbs up here. I blogged about it just the other day, crediting Mr. Geryk for turning me on to it. (cgwjeff.1up.com)

I bought the boardgame and played it with my 11-year-old daughter the whole Thanksgiving break, and the two of us got completely addicted. Every game got more interesting as we started realizing how deep it could go.

I talked to the Days of Wonder pres. today, and he now has me jazzed for the PC version coming soon (not the online version currenly available–but a boxed version that will have A.I. opponents and online play and a new map).

Great stuff.

For those who care, the standalone PC version is now out in Europe (US version supposedly available next week), which means people are starting games with the new Swiss map. I had a chance to play in two games on that map yesterday. It’s very interesting, with new cards that allow you to connect not only cities, but board edges (neighboring countries). It’s specifically designed for 2-3 players, and seems like it does it well.

There is also a new edition of the boardgame coming out, Ticket to Ride Märklin edition, which will have a map of Germany and will introduce some new game mechanics (Passengers and Merchandise). And from reading the forums, it appears that Alan Moon is working on yet another map after that.

One unfortunate thing I found out on reading the forums, though: the PC version apparently is fixed at 1024x768 full-screen. Not having a game like this run in windowed mode is a crime. That 1024x768 is going to look funny on my 1600x1200 LCD.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite games of the year. I’ve certainly spent more time playing it than almost any other game. As I mentioned in my Escapist article last week, they’re working on a similar online thing for Memoir '44.