Tig Notaro's One Mississippi

The Amazon pilot from 2015 has been buffed up to a six episode series. It’s pretty damn good, but the humor is mixed with a lot of pain. John Rothman is just awesome as her awkward stepfather. Produced by Louie CK and it has a very similar vibe to his show.

Just finished season 2 of the show, and I love it. Diablo Cody is listed as a co-creator and it shows. The show is super real, and very funny. Tig is great, and the supporting cast is great as well. First season can be a tough watch, because it is unflinching in its portrayal of grief over the loss of a loved one.

Season 2 deals a lot more about living in a post Trump south as a gay woman. Dealing with religious types and those who have prejudice. I love how the show deals with these issues with nuance and depth. Not to mention how the season ends with quite the emotional gut punch. I really hope that it gets renewed for a season 3.

The second season was really good. I thought the chemistry between Tig and her coworker was very good and real. Which makes sense because that is her real-life wife 😋

Amazon cancelled this last week. I loved how lowkey it was and the relationships between Tig and her family were always handled well. It amazes me that a show can deal with illness, sexual abuse, and a death in the family like this one did while still being funny. I thought the second season was an improvement on the first and I was really looking forward to season three. Between this and Difficult People getting axed, I don’t think there are any original comedy shows on streaming services left that I like.

Try the first season of Catastrophe. It’s excellent.

Also, don’t miss Better Things. So good.

Oh, I like Catastrophe (and Fleabag too), but I was thinking it was a British production and Amazon just had US streaming rights for it. There are quite a few contemporary comedy series I like, but they’re all cable productions rather than original content produced by the streaming services (never got around to Master of None, and I liked Bojack Horseman until its most recent season).