Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Here are some photos:

Yeah looks like a Burton film. What does everyone think?

I think Tim Burton was born to make an Alice in Wonderland movie.

Mebbe, if he plays it straight. I hated Willy Wonka, mostly because the music was awful and Wonka was played like Michael Jackson.


I’m here to poo poo on 3D, so poo.

There’s been a lot of talk/rumors about this for a long time…I’m psyched. I kinda wanted to see Sarah Michelle Gellar as Alice, which I think was supposed to happen back in the day – and I think she totally looks the part – but even sans SMG, I’m really interested to see how this plays out.

I dig Alice with a darker look and feel.

That does seem like a pretty good fit. I do like the idea to go with an original follow-up story rather than a rehash of the original.

Though I must say I’m a bit turned-off by the concepts for the Hatter. Those with the flowers and rabbit look good.

Uhh, Alice in Wonderland is already dark. Burton should try to play it straight and then it’ll come out dark and wacky enough. I fear it’ll end up like eating a triple scoop ice cream and then pounding back a box of sugar just for good measure.

That looks awesome. Tim Burton’s been on a bit of an upswing with me lately, as I liked big Fish and Willy Wonka way, way more than I thought I was going to, so color me excited.

This. I have loved Alice since I was a little girl (My middle name is Alice!) and have always loved Tim Burton films and Johnny Depp. I like everything I’ve seen from the pics so far, cannot wait for this!

In Treatment fans should recognize ‘Sophie’ (Mia Wasikowska) playing the part of Alice. She’s an excellent actress.

“Then I’ll run away! To Switzerland! Bavaria! The candy capitals of the world!”

“Go ahead. But I won’t be here when you come back.”

The payoff for this bit of dialog makes your hate seem very petty.

I didn’t hate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but there were some odd decisions. I’m not talking about how Wonka was like MJ or the father backstory. I’m talking about the scenes that were lifted straight out of the older movie. The scene with where Charlie finds the golden ticket or most importantly the scene with the candy field and chocolate waterfal. There was a chance to really let the imagination create a cool world but it looked almost exactly like the original. They didn’t go far enough differentiating itself from the Gene Wilder version. The Factory is supposed to be a place where dreams are made of. Don’t give me bad effects and sets from 1971.

American McGee and his Chinese sweat shop will sue!

Well, I’ve heard form several people who read the book that the newer version with Depp was far truer to the book than the Gene Wilder version. Maybe those things were very well detailed in the book?

Just a theory, I haven’t read it myself.

Yeah, I read the book a looong while ago. I don’t remember the details and the new movie does capture the general story better then the 70s movie but that said they still took liberties on a few things (pretty sure there was no tyrannical Wanka dad) and if you’re going to do that may as well take all the liberties you can to distance yourself from the other movie.

Yeah. I read Charlie and the Chocolate factory in the 4th grade, but that’s all I remember. : /


Alan Rickman … The Caterpillar

Christopher Lee … The Jabberwock

Stephen Fry … The Cheshire Cat

I would’ve totally swapped Rickman and Fry - but these guys are all aces, so I can’t see them doing anything but proving my expectations narrow.

I dunno, Rickman has just the right sort of imperiousness for the Caterpillar. I say bravo.

I think Rickman’s foghorn voice (his phrase) would be perfect for the Caterpillar. And it’s not too hard to imagine someone as learned as Fry channeling one of those overbearing overly educated jerks who you just want to punch all the time. Perfect for the Cheshire Cat.

I’m pretty stoked about this movie.

I’d say it’s that Fry already has a bit of the Caterpillar look to me - moreso when he gets all snooty-lookin’.

And I’d get a kick out of hearing Rickman’s foghorn baffle-snarking out on Alice … But I suppose Rickman doesn’t exactly go well with a grin.

These guys would own whichever role they received, anyways.