Timemelters from the Sang Froid people

You do know the “unity trick”, right? Namely, keep vsync checked out in the game options, but force it (and/or limit frames per second) on the GPU driver? In a lot of Unity games that lowers GPU temperatures very noticeably.

oh i didn’t know that. I’ll try it when I get back home!

Edit: tried it, and it does help the GPU quite a bit… But not the fan, for some reason.
This is so strange, the only game that I played that made this much venting noise (I can hear it with my headphones) was X-Plane 11, and at least this one was really hogging ressources! I’m wondering if my setup and that of a few others just might be causing this, for whatever cryptic (=Unity) reason.

Made it through the campaign! 18 hours. Overall, thumbs up.

I thought at first it was a bit too Portal 2 for me, with a bit too much area over which the interesting elements were scattered, but as the (many) missions went past and I learned to speak the timey wimey lingo as it were, I liked it more and more. It has those AHA moments when you work out the right combination of actions from all your selves, when it’s at its best. I might have liked even more focus on those apsects rather than on the shooty filler moments, but I don’t know what that would have looked like. It’s a bit like one of those Tower Defences where you do a fair amount of defending yourself, which isn’t playing as much to the strengths of this game, which are timeloops, teleports, portals and ‘towers’.

The EA build was stable for me and complete and just lacks skippable cutscenes. That is actually kind of an annoyance and is the one thing I think they need to address before ‘release’.

Give it a go for something a little different.

Ironically, I updated my video drivers into what seems to be the most buggy release in years!
That’ll teach me.

Got some Ubisoft funding. Cool.

That is cool! Time melters will only get better !

Finally releasing ‘for real’…

Oh wow, that reminds me of an old prototype I fell in love with years ago (Isochronous) but way more involved. Looks mind melting and very interesting!

Edit: and co-op?! February is not letting up.