Timemelters from the Sang Froid people

Happy to see a demo for this. Looked pretty cool with the time loopy stuff. Downloading…

They seem to be doing the ‘Kickstarter late in development’ thing too.

Oh, gonna try this!

Screen Shot 4

Yes! The Frecnh Canadian dubbing of the first game was incredible. Although I dont know if it would fit thematically this one. Demo! Yes!

Edit: You should correct the thread title: it’s Timemelters without space, and Steam is very picky about that!

Edit 2: Okay, with motion blur, bloom and no vsync, the demo was quite a head and GPU melter. Will wait for the full thing!

And no invert mouse!

But it seemed pretty cool - I got as far as creating echoes of myself, then it became Headmelter :)

I think the M in Melters needs to be capitalized.


Steam is wrong!

Timemelters is a very generic name compared to Wicca. I told them they should go with The Witching Hour. Or Hours as you can rewind time :)

I count for little.

Weighing up whether to kickstart… I generally never do, but I like this one for some reason.

Just call it Sacrifice 2 and I’m sure that goal will be met quickly!

It did remind me a little of Sacrifice, but I never got on top of that. My little brain couldn’t keep up. I backed this KS though.

This demo is pretty frenetic. Not sure if all the different teleport and time loop options will add up to something deep yet, as all I do is clickclickclickdie :) Made it to the third, bigger region and needed to take a rest.

I want to understand what’s happening to each echo when their timeline is cut short… but no braincells to spare.

This looks great. Huge fan of Sang-Froid, hated Sacrifice but enjoyed Brutal Legend, and loved a little known and (sadly) unfinished local multiplayer game called Isochronous that has a similar but much simpler ‘layering’ up of timelines:

Hmm, will check out the Kickstarter–thanks for the tip @Alistair!

Looks like this has emerged from Kickstarter to, um, official Early Access. Progress!

Ah. they’ve gone from dropping you right in it in the demo to a longer, slower introooooo…

The game is actually complete. It’s deceptive EA, those guys don’t have good marketing!

I played an hour of it and it’s been awesome, while the time travel mechanics have barely been served excepting for a tiny appetizer.

As the Sang-Froid experience taught me, those guys are the only ones who know to write French in the gaming world, so it is the language I’ve been playing it with, and it didn’t disappoint me. I only wish they could have afforded to dub more of those exquisite dialogues.

Hmm. This one where you’re trying to save a dead person from the other side of a river is pretty tough.

HAHA! Suck it vanillatimelosers! Scottish witch with not be defeated!

Not only that, I’m not sure they even know what game they want to make. :(

Sorry to moan and bitch about early access yet again, but that answer really sours me on their development process. I’ve enjoyed the work they’ve done in the past and I’d be eager to sample this game if I weren’t concerned this was yet another “development-by-the-loudest-elements-of-the-player-base” situation.

And not that I’m laying this at the feet of the Sangfroid guys specifically! It’s just a general complaint about videogame development these days, about this sentiment that players and their requests should drive the development process, not whatever vision the developers might have. But this bothers me specifically with Timemelters, because I know enough to trust their vision based on their prior games! Those guys know what they’re doing and they shouldn’t have to essentially tell people, “Hey, if you don’t like something about the game, holler at us and we’ll keep it in early access while we figure out what you want!” I don’t want a bunch of yahoos on Reddit and Steam whinging about the game they want instead of the game that was created, and developers feeling like they’re held hostage by the discourse. I guess I’m just standing on a porch, yelling about a lawn, waiting on more impressions from y’all about Timemelters as it creeps towards whatever arbitrary milestones represent 1.0 for the developers.

It sure does look fun, though.

I’m 6 hours in and so far feel they might just need to add QoL things like dialog UI and checkpoints after cutscenes etc.

I don’t have my head round the mechanics enough to say whether those should be refined or not. It’s starting to get very satisfying when you solve a more complex setup though.

I should have posted that after an hour, I felt the game is in need of some typical unity based game fixes, as it melts down some computers, including mine. I can’t wait for it to behave more properly, as I’ve burned (burnt?) down enough computers in the past that way!

But be reasssured! there is hardly any demands and the game should be safe from the obligatory obsessive Steam loudmouthed outcryer (or OOSLO) ! Even the feedback on issues has been quite limited, a lot of them seeming to be tied to devs who have spent so much time with their creation they need just fresh set of eyes to catch bloppers and occasional difficulty spikes to newcomers, as Alistair said.
I hope so, at least.

There was a comment in the discord i loved : somebody reported an English blopper in a sentence, and the dev replied with « oh thanks, we needed to review that line, it’s been troubles and need to be better written. ». I could relate this small comment to my kind of obsessions in my own work, and found it spoke so much of their attention to their creation. I love those guys!