Toaster Ovens?

Following up on the engaging griddle conversation, I was wondering if anyone had any love for particular toaster oven brands/models? My old one bit the dust a couple of years ago, and as I read the Amazon reviews, I see a mix of “great toaster oven” and “it burned down my house!!!” for the same ovens…

So, any favorite brands/models? Horror stories of toaster ovens to stay away from?

What’s the Oblivion of toaster ovens? What’s the Starforce of toaster ovens?

The shit. I got one for $60 last year with two stacked coupons. It is the titan of toast, the prince of poptarts, the duke of frozen pizza, the earl du bagel. Truly the king of toaster ovens.

Infrared toaster ovens!? What is the world coming to? Is that much different from a microwave oven with integrated grill and hot air?

Hey this is timely - the wife and I are looking for a toster oven for the boat. We’ve been looking at small/medium sized toaster/convection ovens hoping to be able to do more than just make toast. Not sure that infrared one fits the bill. Any other recomendations?

Coolness. I just ordered one. We’ve really needed a new toaster oven for a while–our current one looks like a prop from Fallout, and the bottom element is starting to go. So how could we not go with the toaster oven that cooks with the power of infrared radiation!

Second the Panasonic. It’s fantastic.

Okay. Ordered the Panasonic.

Mmmmm… Toast…

In the second episode of the new Doctor Who series, the Doctor and Rose are on a space station in orbit of the Earth in the year 5 billion AD, waiting to watch the sun expand. The station is protected with shields and filters on the windows to keep out the intense light. But then the station is sabotaged, and in one scene the station administrator is trapped in his office as the sun filters lower, slowly filling the room with blinding white light. After it’s over and they get the filters up and the room unsealed, there is nothing left of him but a smoking pile of ash.

That’s totally what this toaster is going to be like.

You won’t be sorry. It is the toaster of the future, which is appropriate because I mean holy shit guys, it’s 2006. We’re LIVING the future!

Hold up hold up… wait a minute here…

Did you just spend like $100 on a toaster?

But it uses SCIENCE.

A toaster oven, man. That cooks with LIGHT!

Just got it in the mail today. We ordered the silver one, which looks like a prop from Barbarella (a huge step up from our old toaster, the prop from Fallout). It is everything I dreamed that it would be. I love the way you can see blinding white light filtering out through the safety glass. I feel like it should have one of these stenciled on the glass:

Now I need to go buy some toast, or something. I ran it for five minutes per instructions (to burn off… uhm, toxic substances or something), and then realized that I don’t have anything toastable in the house.

You can buy toast?

The Ministry of Food? Shit, that sounds more dangerous than any of the fictional nonsense in 1984.

They share on office with the Ministry of Silly Walks, so they aren’t all bad.

Got this today.

Haven’t used it yet but damn, it’s a bit scary. 1300 watts. More than my microwave. It uses various ceramic infrared elements. They get hot. And BRIGHT. The front glass looks the same as the door of my microwave. Looks like it will make toast in record time. OTOH, if you put chicken or hotdogs in it you have to cover them with foil. They will spit.

As well it’s smaller than my old analog monster. No more six slices of toast. :) But that’s okay. I prefer toast that is browned on both the top and bottom. Not just the top.

I mainly use the toaster oven for toast or to heat up slices of pizza. The instruction manual is full of DO NOT DO THIS. For a reason. I’m sure that @stusser knows more about this than I do. Feel free to weigh in.

I have this - don’t be intimidated! I don’t find it makes toast in record time, but I can make lots of things in it that typically go into an oven. Salmon, steak, chicken, etc. all do really well in there if you are careful about overcooking. They all take less time at the desired temperature than you would expect in a typical oven, which is fine with me.

Roasting veggies is also great.

No miracle machine by any means, but it’s pretty darned good.

Wait, the toaster manual said not to use it for toast?