Tom Chick's top ten games of 2020

Title The top ten games of 2020
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When December 22, 2020

With ten days left in 2020, it's time to count down the top games of the year. I'll add a new one every day, so drop in as the list builds. Or you can come back on New Year's Day for a complete top ten!

Here we go…


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It begins!


Tom is the best at counting to 10!

You didn’t use a cyberpunk photo? Opportunity missed!

Fenyx will be number one

Hey, let’s not sell Worms Rumble short.

You unspoilered my spoiler

There’s no spoiler on my screen.

Spoilers look different on the front page and here in the back alley of discourse. On the front page it’s just the word “spoiler” and is a link or something (it didn’t immediately load when I tapped it and I got bored). The quote also has just the word spoiler. Here in the forums it looks normal and is stilled blurred in the quote, so I don’t see the “unspoilering of the spoiler”.

I hope Bloody Rally Show made the list. ;)

It’s good now, maybe some discourse nonsense. Thanks Wumpus!

We’re not counting “games that came out in 2019 but not on Steam” as 2020 like Steam is are we?

Steam counts them because it’s a Steam contest giving away Steam awards for Steam games on Steam. Unless Qt3 starts releasing games I don’t see any reason to do that here.

Oh, I just made a list of these myself (for myself). Here is what I came up with:


That’s in order. Note that if this was “top 10 games I’ll keep coming back to for years and years to come over and over” it will end up being in quite a different order, with Spelunky 2 right at the top.

You forgot Hades. :-)

My guess is Snowrunner at the top

Well, the thing about that is I put almost 100 hours into Hades… in 2019. I played a little post-release and beat it a few times and it’s amazing, of course it is, but to me it’s a 2019 game.

I’m sure in 10 days will finally come the time for Tom to come out and reveal his year-long Genshin Impact addiction.

Pffft. He’s counting to 1.

Is Tom inverted?