Tom might be right .... Eve > BO3

I finally picked up Eve of Destruction last night (ironically trading in Burnout 3 for cred). Played it for a while, and…well, yes, Mr. Jaded might actually be right in that Eve is a better game than Burnout 3. I’m not basing this decision on anything coherent, like graphics, game-play, and the like; but rather on the fact that I can drive a '79-'80 Monza with “PHEAR 69” spray-painted on the hood. After all, such a Monza (in about the same condition) was the car I learned manual stick in. Very, very cool.

The pure-D white trash ethos of this game is spectacular. Reminds me of the many pure-D white trash towns I grew up in Idaho, too.

PHEAR 69!!!

I think I agree. I’ve played both on a buddy’s Xbox, and we must’ve played Eve of Destruction 2-3 times longer than Burnout 3. Truly an amazingly fun game, especially with multiple players. I think my favorite mode is “Detention.”