Tony Carnevale plays Alien: Isolation

Title Tony Carnevale plays Alien: Isolation
Author Tony Carnevale
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When October 8, 2014 The Alien film series never got a good video game, unless you count Alien Vs. Santa Claus Vs. Bartman Vs. Punky Brewster, which I don't..

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"[...] which follows Ripley’s daughter (?) whom we never knew existed before (?)"

Actually, at the begining of Aliens Ripley asks to Burker what happened to her daughter...

too much Tony Carnevale in this could hardly see the Alien:isolation for all the unfunny commentary o7

I give your comment zero stars on Metacritic!

It's just not the same without Crow, Tom Servo, and Joel silhouetted across the bottom of the screen.

From your lips to Joel's ears!

In the Special Edition and some TV versions. In the theatrical release, some other TV versions, and past VHS versions, the scene revealing the daughter is cut.

Ripley's daughter doesn't know the alien because Ripley went into cryo-sleep after fighting it the first time. Ripley doesn't get home and file her report on the encounter until long after her daughter is dead.

Exposition? firstly, it;s called a mystery, a big chunk of a mystery narrative is, you guessed it, piecing together what happened. Much of the story is told through emails and recordings- not unlike bioshock. It;s the kind of storytelling that makes games unique, and using it well should be praised, not whined about by lazy gamers.


Hi! I think you misunderstood what I was getting at. I'm okay with it being a mystery. It wasn't clear to me that that's what it was. Because the exposition -- of which there is a ton in this game -- doesn't make that clear. Byeee!

Cool! They should have hired you to work on the opening cutscenes.

Also... you would think someone as fiercely competent as Mom Ripley mmmmaybe would have mentioned the, oh, I don't know, UNSTOPPABLE ACID-BLOODED KILLING BEAST before snoozy-times. Rather than just saying "Everybody's dead, no deets, peace out!" But I would have to go back to 1979 to tell this to someone who could have made that happen.

Oh, and another thing... Weyland-Yutani knows about the alien. Right? So why doesn't baby Ripley? It's cool if she doesn't, it's just, when the player knows a lot of information, and certain characters know that information as well, and others don't, and you're plopping me down into this situation, maybe clue me in to who knows what. Ok I'm really procastinating.

no u

"Alien Vs. Santa Claus Vs. Bartman Vs. Punky Brewster"

I'd play that.

Totally fair. I'm at the far end of the bell-curve for "How many times have you watched Aliens?" Guess they're expecting a lot of people like me, which probably ain't smart.

Weyland-Yutani doesn't know about it either. Ripley's shuttle isn't picked up until 40 years or so after the events in Alien: Isolation. (I haven't finished the game yet so maybe they learn of it through the events on the Sevastapol). All the Company knows at the start of the game is that the Nostromo went missing.

Ah, but Weyland-Yutani DOES know about the alien, because they instructed British robot man to bring it back in the first movie, at all costs! Right? Did I get it?

my understanding is that the Company detected the distress beacon on LV-426 and dispatched the Nostromo to investigate. it seems clear that they knew it was a warning being sent from a derelict ship there but unclear if they knew the specifics. Ash (Ian Holm) is operating on the directive that should they encounter a biological life form that he is to ensure its safe return to Earth - crew expendable. he had no direct orders with specifics just a pre-programmed directive. So, I think it's safe to say that Weyland-Yutani had no idea what happened either to the ship on LV-426 or what subsequently happened on the Nostromo until Ripley's shuttle was picked up some 70+ years later. Unless I'm missing something. (and since I've blocked out most of what happened in Prometheus I could be)