Tony Carnevale plays Playboy: The Mansion

Title Tony Carnevale plays Playboy: The Mansion
Author Tony Carnevale
Posted in Features
When September 18, 2014 It's been a hot week here in Los Angeles. Of course, I'm talking about the time I've spent at the Playboy Mansion. This shameless cash-in was developed by Cyberlore (!!), who also made Majesty..

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Huh, a video game based on running Playboy that manages to make the whole activity seem sexless and un-fun. Can't say I'm sorry I missed this one. Your request for suggestions of games to play has got me thinking, any particular genres or eras you're looking for? Just from what you've been posting looks like 90s-ish adventure games are your thing, I'm guessing?

"Dick Rosenswag" Epic.

i'm really sad that it took me this long to find out about this series, since it's the only digestable "let's play" that seems to exist

I'm not sure what part of "sexless and unfun" doesn't describe Playboy Magazine.

I suppose you are right. Hef always looks like he's having a good time, though.

I really liked Drowned God. I suggest you play it for your next Let's Play. This is a "suggestion."

This is the unplayable game the press junket for which actually got me into the Mansion to "cover." (Tom skipped out on this opportunity because he considered the game "unplayable.")

I remember gawking at lines of unnaturally staged female flesh in golden thongs, then wandering drunkenly around in the moonlight until I stumbled across a large cage occupied by solemn monkeys. Their wizened faces were all, "Boring metaphor alert!"

This video goes south quickly after the preview frame...

Heck, you could even just do guest commentary over a longer let's play:

"Unlike Majesty, Playboy: [T]he Mansion"