Tony Snow New WH Press Secretary

Tony Snow, the man who previously called Bush impotent and a wimp, has been named White House Press Secretary.

Team Bush is spinning this as an example that they are open to having new voices and perspectives at the White House.

Of course, Snow spent about 99.9% of his team advocating for the administration on Fox, so I’m not exactly sure how that squares - but then again, I’m also confused why Bush expressed public outrageover the plame leak when he knew full well that he authorized it.

Either way, I’m definitely going to be watching Snow’s turn at the podium moving forward. Should make for interesting television.

How did someone working for Fox get away with calling Bush anything other than Savior?

I’m going to go with because blind obedience to an unpopular president is hurting their ratings?

Well, that’s barely criticism - he was basically saying that Bush isn’t enough of a crazy dumb asshole. I expect that would go down well with Fox News viewers.

That ain’t nuthin’! Rumors are that Art Bell is in line for Science Advisor!

Girl, youse best be joking!