Too Many Bones: An Attempt

You said yourself that you’ve only played one time with two characters, and that was using Ghillie. It’s universally agreed that the order of difficulty from hardest to easiest goes: 2p>1p>3p>4p and 4p is generally considered a cakewalk.

Sure, but if you get a garbage initiative roll in 2p then one of your gearlocs is going to eat attacks from multiple baddies.

Chip Theory employees have vaguely spoken of future plans to increase the game’s difficulty (beyond Splice & Dice), but nothing has come of it yet.

I mean, I will defer to people who have played it more than I have, but I would in no way describe 4p as a cakewalk so far and that’s on the easiest setting. I don’t even know how you’re supposed to survive at the “normal” difficulty. Really none of that matches my experience at all.

Picket seems like a tough gearloc to win with solo, at least to me. :) I finally won against the Goblin King while playing him, but it came after losing two other games. I can definitely see how he’d make a fantastic complement to a 2- or 3- gearloc game as he tanks damage and throws shield bashes around, but on his own and even with shield bash, I just struggled at times to do enough damage to make a difference.

There is also an even chance that my battle tactics for Pickett were rather lacking!

In any event, I feel comfortable enough with the game mechanics now after about 7 games that I think if I can find some time in the week I’ll try my first 2- or 3-handed game with some basic gearlocs, thinking Patches, Boomer, and Picket if I go 3-handed.

(I had one memorable knockout of Picket against a 5-point dire wolf and 1-point bog pole that went like this: roll three DEF for shield wall: 3 bones. Bog pole paints 1 poison onto Picket. Roll 4 ATK for the dire wolf: 6 dmg, Picket down to 1 health. Picket’s turn begins with taking the 1 point of poison damage, thank you for playing Too Many Bones.)

it’s killing me reading battle reports (love them!), while my order is still pending. Any other EU buyers here? Do you received shipping notifications?

If you really can’t wait, you can always just get the mod on Tabletop Simulator.

Update from Chip Theory games:

With regards to your order #100247, I see that this order has been dispatched over to Spiral Galaxy and is in the processing of getting fulfilled as we speak. This order will be shipping out from there!

I’ve never heard of Spiral Galaxy, but I should get my copy soon, meaning I will be able to play as

I got the same information. Spirial Galaxy. I hope it will arrive at some point in April. 2021.

I guess it depends on which spiral galaxy…

Yall preordered your $60 Too Many Bones pop-up books yet?

I’m a little bit like… 🤔

I think Chip Theory finally figured out the ratio of stuff-that-will-be-interesting-more-than-once to stuff-that-won’t that will make me uninterested in buying a product.

The game content within the book, sure.

The book… I’ll use it once and then never care again. Then I’m saddled with this book for the rest of my freaking life, taking up space somewhere, because how can I throw out something I paid $60 for that is kind of aesthetically cool, but I’ll still never look at it.

Still, I’d be psyched about it if they were sending me a free review copy.


resell it?

Got the game today! I just started a Gloomhaven JoTL campaign this week, so I need more tables… I think I will finish the JoTL 5 introduction scenarios and then get TMB learning game to the table.

I want to start a true solo learning game to get comfortable with all the rules. Which starting character to use?

I’ve played and learned a lot of games. Some fairly complex. I play many solo.

I am beyond terrible at this. I started with two easy GearLocs and probably made ten, maybe 15 attempts and never won. I reread the rules trying to see what I missed. I know with these complex games with different mechanics you can always miss a rule that makes a game far too easy or far too difficult.

Too Many Bones breaks my brain somehow, but I love it so one day soon I’ll break it back out and try again as I have a bunch of content. It is the most I have spent on any single game. I love everything about it except how miserable I am. :)

I got an email telling me my game was on the way! So I am also excited.

I think the barbarian Tantrum and the healer Patches make a good pairing and are more straightforward individually. The barbarian has some depth optimizing use of their Rage, but I don’t recall it being required on the starting difficulty.

I found starting with Patches vs Nom was a really great (and forgiving) way to play to learn the rules. Patches’ ability to self-heal is great for survival, and if you can get one or both of his yellow item single-use items to save for the boss you can win that fight.

ok, thanks! Patches sounds good. Only one hero, to get used to all the dice and options. One more scenario in Jaws of the Lion, and then I can get this to the table…

Definitely get your fill of Gloomhaven now, because once you get Boned, you ain’t gonna wanna unbone.

My game has arrived.

Sunday is when I plan on setting it up for a game.

The Boneathon is scheduled!!!

You only have 8 days left to pre-order the pop-up book…

lol, I played my first learning game and got owned by some orc, trolls on day 6.
I learned, that I played on the highest difficulty, didn’t use any advance training points or extra HP … why do they put this information on the last page of the rules? nevermind, wouldn’t make much difference.

I still can get to Nom, the tyrannt.