Top Spin 3

Anyone get this ultra-frustrating game besides me?

We’ve been looking at it for the Wii. Which platform are you playing it on and what don’t you like about it?

Played the demo. Hated the controls and hated the lack of 4 separate 360 multiplayer. I am skipping it.

Bought it for the 360. Controls are terrible. My guy will get aced dozens of time and he’ll stand there like a moron while I feverishly press buttons. Or I’ll get ahead in a match and here comes the computer on a “hall of famer” tear with 10,000 mph serves. All in all, this is a giant step backwards. The controls are WAY too complicated. For instance, I can’t get a power shot to land in. Goes out 100% of the time. There might be a fifth button I need to press, but I can’t figure it out. This one is rocketing back to the store…

I play tennis and this game doesn’t click with me. The animations aren’t correct and so I’m not sure when I’ve made a nice shot. Not to mention any of the risk shots you can use.

I also play tennis in rl, and this doesn’t look anything like what I do on the weekends.

I haven’t bought a tennis game since Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast. Does this mean I should pick up a cheap copy of Top Spin 2; or skip the series altogether and pick up Virtua Tennis 3 instead?

Both Top Spin 2 and VT3 are well worth owning and are good (and different) takes at arcade style tennis. Hell, I picked up VT3 for $20 not too long ago.

The Eurogamer review mentions that the controls are frustrating at first but that going through the practice and sticking with it helps you to finally click and really enjoy them (something the demo might not achieve?):

For the first time in possibly the history of tennis titles, Top Spin 3 is almost impossible to simply pick up and play. Even against the rookies in career mode, you’ll struggle pathetically and wonder what on earth you’re doing wrong. Serves will fly limply off target, returns won’t go anywhere near where you want them to, and you’ll lumber along like a complete chump struggling to win a single point. It’s the anti Wii Sports Tennis - a counter-intuitive tennis game that only the committed hardcore player will be able to play.

However, once you take the time to progress through the extensive series of tests in the Top Spin School, it slowly starts to fall into place. For a start, you’ll realise there’s no longer a power meter to fall back on, meaning you have to rely on good old-fashioned judgement and timing. Holding one of the four shot buttons (mapped to the four face buttons of the pad) dictates the power, while moving the stick in the direction you want it to go just before your racquet hits the ball completes the two-step process. For a while, it’s maddeningly tough to retrain your thumbs to this subtly different approach, and the series of tests you face are, without doubt, the most exacting ever conceived in a tennis title - but in the long term it serves you very well. (Sorry.)


VT3 is a very competent current gen update to the Virtua Tennis franchise. By that I mean the same deep but simple gameplay, the rpg lite character creation tour, and the endless matches at higher levels. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it was exactly what I wanted.

Top Spin 2 was decent at first, but the reliance on timing based moves (in the old “fill the gauge” style) really turned me off. From what I understand, 3 takes that style to the next level, and that’s something that I’m really not interested in.

So, are there any Tennis games for the Wii, in which playing Tennis in real life would actually make you a better player (in that game)?

I just went out and bought Virtua Tennis 3…for the great price of $15.99. So far it is worth every penny.

It’s the only game that I have ever been able to get my wife to play besides Peggle, which is cool as well.

So far I am addicted to the World Tour mode, where you create your own character and such, train and do tournaments.

If you are looking for an alternative to Top Spin, I would recommend this one so far.

I was really disappointed with the career mode from this one, coming off of Top Spin 2 which had a promising one where you really felt like you were developing your character. This one seems arbitrary, as though it is nothing more than a complex exhibition menu.

I have given up on this one. Never have I been so frustrated with a game as this one. My biggest gripe is returning serve. My guy just stands there like an idiot well over half the time. And if it’s a guy with a booming serve like Roddick, I might return 2 out of the whole game. It is maddening to be pushing these buttons like a madman and nothing happens on the screen. Craziness!!!