Total War: Warhammer 2

Miscasts at 50% are the bad-coinflip result of overcast spells. Here’s a Reddit thread with some thorough overcast explanations. The base miscast chance (normally 0 for non-overcast spells) can be increased or decreased by some character skills and possibly other sources like debuffs/items/perks/events, though I don’t know of any offhand.

So I did the quest line to get Lord Kroak, and… wat? He’s got a no-friendly-fire armor piercing bomb that just obliterates infantry. So long, chaos chosen, nice knowing you… along with the units on either side, too. It’s really quite close to an “I win” button. What’s up with that?

Lord Kroak (when leveled up) is probably the single most powerful unit in the game, imho.

I mean, he isn’t as literally invincible as Malekith with Sword of Khaine. Easy to hit 80+ defense and 50%+ ward save, over 100 MA and 1k+ armor piercing damage. He can beat down entire stacks of gold chevron Dragon Ogre Shoggoths and maybe have to cast Soulstealer once to regen his hp.

Kroak is very nasty indeed, but a solo Malekith with the sword will beat him (in about 3 hits, too) and any army he cares to bring along with him. Tyrion is equally unkillable with the sword and his legendary item, but if he’s the only unit you brought you are gonna be 3x’ing the combat speed and going to make a sandwich during battles.

Most of that is just how OP the Sword of Khaine is, though. The AI Alarielle tends to get it in my games and even on her dumb overgrown pigeon she’s still a terror with that thing and she has very mediocre combat stats.

The game has a lot of fun OP stuff in campaign. I actually wish there was a bit more of it.

lol - yep, that it is. The Sword of Khaine is quite ridiculous and I love how they’ve built the mechanism into the game (for those who have yet to experience it, the sword gets more and more powerful in stages, while you get more and more negative side effects; and don’t worry, you have the choice to drop it at each stage).

Was one of them the Rite army (or the remnants of one)? Because that’s usually what happens with lizardmen in the current patch.

They can’t recruit a 2nd army, so they stockpile cash and cast Rite of Primeval Glory, which spawns them a second army. Then they rampage around until they’re out of money and don’t do much.

Contains a fix for the one army bug and many small bugs present in the current patch. Even if you aren’t a person who likes to play with mods, I’d basically recommend this and Better Camera to everyone. The normal camera is super restrictive. Achievements still function with mods, for anyone concerned.

So in my current game, the vampire pirates have entire armies of necroflex coleuses. First off, these guys do mega damage from far range, like doing close to half of a units health per shot. Then when they actually get close to my melee troops, they all flee because they have some kind of fear aura. My archers pretty much ran away right after the melee defenders ran away.

In this last battle, with my best troops, I managed to kill exactly ONE of them before everyone started running in circles in a panic, and eventually everyone died horribly.

How do you beat them? Or should I just start another campaign now because its too late to do anything about it. Pretty much the AI could kill me should it choose to, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Giant units like Necrofexes or …giants have similar weaknesses, especially when controlled by the AI. First off, pin them down with a high durability unit that has Immunity to Psychological or has Fear/Terror itself or is undead. They won’t be terrified and they’ll keep the big guy reasonably contained.

Then, pincushion the thing. Focus fire all archers, or ideally gunners on it and watch the HP bar tumble. Finally, focus them down individually. A low-hp dragon or necrokitty still does the same damage as a full health one. If there are multiples, try to use tar pit units (mentioned above) to keep them entertained until you can bring your arrows to bear.

I had the same issue (necrofexes), but as the high elves I somehow managed. Try bringing a ton of spearmen and rushing them.

Also what faction are you?

An army of all necrofexes is a completely max tier 5 army. The High Elf equivalent would be all Star Dragons. Any army like that is going to be completely horrible to fight if you aren’t fielding units that are at least tier 3. Cannons, handgunners, anything fast with anti-large and decent melee stats (necrofexes are bad in melee for a t5). A bunch of Pikemen will probably just get blasted to smithereens before they engage. You might be better off going 100% range units against that army unless you have t4-5 stuff yourself.

Or you are gonna need a 2nd army to reinforce. A full stack of t5’s is nasty.

I was playing the ‘easy’ high elf campaign. I deleted my saves and am trying the same campaign again, only this time I hope to do better. I this time Ill try and be more aggressive in gaining territory.
I was using swordsmen, and the archers with armor. The archers were doing a good job until they all got feared. The swordsmen didn’t do much cause like the archers, they got feared.

I never bother with armour on my archers unless expecting a skirmisher fight of some sort. It’s very rare I am.

Yeah, swordsmen (Swordmasters of Hoeth?) are anti-large and thus not going to have a great time against giants. They do have a pretty high morale (as all HE units do) so they shouldn’t have outright broken–but they could have temporarily fled due to terror (skull and crossbones icon). That usually lasts for 5-10 seconds, so send them right back ASAP.

Though what you really want in that case are dragons (your own top tier monster), which should beat them (though I didn’t check the stats on that) or phoenix guard, which should chop them up good. I think mobbing them with spearmen or sea guard might work, though sea guard/archers would probably lose a shooting battle solo because they don’t have much armor piercing damage.

A single shot from a single necrofex shouldn’t do too much damage, but focused fire from several absolutely will. So maybe try rushing something up–cavalry or eagles/phoenix–to bait the shots (and even dodge them if you’re quick enough, or you pause liberally enough).

Good luck!

In campaign I’d probably do it because IIRC the maintenance difference is pretty small. I think their armor is 30, which translates to a 22.5% average damage reduction, which would help in an archery duel with non-ap archers. But in a quick battle with limited funds I probably wouldn’t.

There is no way to simply move units out of any army without disbanding them, right? The only way to do that is to have another lord and simply trade the units to him, right?

BTW, what DLC should I put on my wish list and what to avoid?

You need to transfer them to a 2nd lord. But you can recruit a lord in any province you own so this isn’t incredibly restrictive.

Make sure to download all the free DLC on steam if you haven’t, there’s a fair few of them and you need to actually click them. There are a few things only available through the Total War site or something, though I think the game prompts you about them.

As far as paid DLC goes, everything is in the game regardless of what DLC you own, so the only thing that getting the DLC does is let you play with that faction (if it’s a race pack) or some new LL’s with new start positions and a couple new units to flesh out the rosters.

All the DLC from WH2 has been pretty high quality. Wood Elves, Chaos and Beastmen feel a little underwhelming compared to the other factions so I would hold off on them unless you just love the aesthetics or lore. Chaos will definitely be getting a total rework with the release of game 3, and I wouldn’t be even a little surprised if the next DLC after the High Elf vs Greenskin one is Wood Elves vs Beastmen.

So just get things you are most interested in playing with. If you don’t want to play as Vampire pirates, you safely skip the entire DLC without losing a thing. They’re still in the game either way.

The queen and the crone gives the HE the sisters of Avelorn, who are absolute murder machines. They do have AP ranged attack so deal significant damage to the necrofex, for example. I had four of them in a typical army in my HE run and it worked really well.

The big faction DLCs (Tomb Kings, Vampire Coast) are most interesting, since they add entire new playable factions, but otherwise get whichever you think sounds most fun (and grab all the free DLC, ofc).

IMO, there is pretty much no bad DLC in Total Warhammer - the only one I wouldn’t spend money on is the “Extra Blood” DLC, which is purely cosmetic…