Total War: Warhammer 2


That actually might be enough of a reason. A full map looks daunting.


I been out the PC game for a while and just ordered a new one.

Was looking at diving into this series to test out the new rig… I looked at first one and realized there’s no cost advantage to buying first game instead.

Any reason to get first over second?


The main reason, IMO, would be if you prefer the factions in Warhammer I. It might also be cheaper?


If you are starting from scratch, I would definitely say get Warhammer 2. It’s new player experience is fantastic, and the Eye of the Vortex campaign is some of the best work CA have ever done.

I’d think of Warhammer 1 as DLC you can pick up later, maybe when it’s on sale, to add more stuff for you to play in 2.


The massive super campaign is not going to be as good game wise, but it will be everything and sometimes that’s worth it in itself.


Ssd and new gfx card plus decent cpu mean this is running wonderfully.

I’m enjoying it. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a TW this much since Rome, certainly not at release.

I intended to stop at midnight yesterday, went to bed 0300.


I agree with @KevinC. Look over the factions in WH1 vs. WH2. Mechanically WH2 is an improved game, but WH1 is still a great game, and you can’t play the WH1 factions in WH2 even in the combined campaign unless you’ve purchased WH1 first.

If you find factions you’re really excited about in both then go ahead and purchase WH2.


Word on the reddit street is that there will be a big sale on TW:Warhammer 1 and its DLC on the 26th when Mortal Empires releases. I have no idea if this is true but it does sound exceedingly likely to me, and I’d actually be surprised if it isn’t.

So just a heads up to anyone excited about the Mortal Empires campaign. You need to own both game 1 and game 2 to play it. DLC will be exactly as in WH1, ie; it will be available as opponents even if you don’t own it, but you can’t play with the new races/units/regiments of renown unless you actually own the DLC.

Oh, and you only need to have Warhammer 2 installed, Warhammer 1 just needs to be in your Steam library.


That is the leaked day of the Steam Halloween sale, so it’s even more possible.


Video on Mortal Empires starting positions and objectives. Looks like the Chaos Invasion is still on, since ensuring Archaon the Everchosen is off the map shows up on everyone’s objectives.

Objectives generally seem to be

  • Capture some leader-specific provinces. For example Mazdamundi needs to capture all the parts of Lustria that are on the Mortal Empires map. Malekith needs to capture all of Ulthuan.
  • Build a bunch of leader specific high-level buildings.
  • Capture or Military Alliance all other main faction capitals (e.g., Mazdamundi needs to have captured or allied with Altdorf, Karak Eight Peaks, Lothern, Oak of Ages, Skavenblight, etc.).
  • As noted above, ensure that Archaon the Everchosen has been chased out of the mortal realms.

[Edit] There are a few factions with different objectives. Bretonnia factions just need to hit a certain amount of Chivalry and don’t care about anything else. Wood Elves just needs to upgrade their Oak of Ages. Chaos just needs to destroy Empire, Bretonnia and the Dwarves. Skaven are similar to standard billeted list above, but they don’t care about Archaon the Everchosen. In general the Old World faction objectives seem quite similar to their WH1 counterparts except in many cases the addition of needing to be allied with or control main capitals.

I wasn’t taking very careful notes, but IIRC factions that need full control or alliance with all 17 major capitals are: Empire, High Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Greenskins, Lizardmen, Skaven, and Vampire Counts.

Video is by Party Elite who did the outstanding beginner’s guide to Total War Warhammer video series — highly recommended to anyone still learning the game.


I like and appreciate Party Elite but they way he edits his videos drives me crazy. His intonations are a little dry, as well, and he’s really geared towards high level play with his videos, stuff like his beginner’s guide notwithstanding of course. I mean in general the videos he puts out. Like going through every faction starting locations, for instance.

In this video at the 9min mark you can see the first turn being processed.

Takes about 30 seconds, which isn’t bad, but it’s the first turn so almost everything is in the fog of war. I expect to wait 2-3 minutes per turn in the end game. I’m not sure I’ll have that kind of patience. :)


I dig party elite, but if you want a similarly analytical but more humane style try Turin. He’s great.


I see the base game is 50% off and DLC are 33% off this week (until 31 Oct.). I guess this is the big sale?

I’m thinking of finally snatching up those extra race DLC for the first game but wondering if the price will go lower on those, maybe in Halloween sale.


Yea, Steam has rules about how often things can go on sale (allegedly, at least), so I think you can purchase fairly secure in the knowledge that there won’t be a better deal for a bit. It would not surprise me to see another and possibly better sale at Christmas, so as with all games I’d say there is the need to balance how badly you’d like to play now against how much money you’d like to save. In the world of gaming it inevitably pays to be patient.


I saw an article about Warhammer 2 mods that mentioned a “Brutal Battles” mod.

The article says "If you aren’t a huge fan of the highly regimented, orderly combat that this particular iteration of the Warhammer series utilizes, then Brutal Battles is the mod for you.

Melee becomes a chaotic jumbled mess of bodies, and combat stats are tweaked so cavalry runs down stationary units more effectively, and spells obliterate tightly massed armies."

I mention this not b/c I want more brutal battles, but exactly the opposite. My impression of TW:WH 1 was that the battles were more chaotic than my favorite TW games like Shogun 2 and the first Rome:TW. My feelings on the first game was, with the exception of the dwarves, that melee did generally become “a chaotic jumbled mess of bodies” which is exactly the opposite of what I prefer. My favorite iteration of battle pacing is still Rome:TW b/c it really felt like moving ponderous ancient heavy infantry units.

So how is the pacing / cohesion / order vs chaos of the battles in TW:WH 2? Is it the same 1 or is it “highly regimented, orderly” like that article says. B/C I would love if it were in fact highly regimented and orderly :O.


In my most recent Eye of the Vortex, I got a lot of my time back by switching off updates for factions on different continents than me, and switching off heroes for anyone I wasn’t at war with. If you do this, each of the ignored factions takes less than second to process.


My memory isn’t good enough to remember the pacing of Rome or Shogun with any real accuracy beyond saying the battles felt longer than they did in Warhammer 1.

The battles in Warhammer 2 are decidedly longer than Warhammer 1. Units basically got roughly 10% more HP across the board, and the base chance to hit went from 40% to 35% at equal MA/MD values. Although these numbers seem kind of small, they actually add up to make battles meaningfully longer as the biggest impact on leadership is overall % of damage taken.

So if by chaotic you mean the battles went faster than you might have liked, you might enjoy Warhammer 2 more. The units themselves don’t behave any differently other than taking longer to rout, so if there was some fundamental problem like you hated cavalry charges or monstrous units, I don’t think you’ll find those things meaningfully changed.


Thanks MisterMourning: that sends like a positive to me. I intend to try WH 2 soon.


Freeing up 85 GB because of Steam’s stupid system is going to be annoying.


You don’t need 85GB, you need about 42.5GB free.