Total War: Warhammer 3

Content creators will be able to start showing off Immortal Empires tomorrow. There is also a multiplayer tournament this weekend which is always great as it shows off the new units, lords etc.

I am team this as a good sign that the deves are confident with the beta build!

No. Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying?

One shot is from Warhammer 2 and one is from the new trailer, of the same part of the map as we will see it in Warhammer 3. I guess if you can’t tell the difference, the distinction will be lost on you and you wouldn’t get anything out of it regardless, so nothing to see here.

The top pic is the IE and you can more easily see the Dwarf Keep.

I get it! Yes, much easier to see!

So when I transitioned to TW:W3 from TW:W2 Mortal Empires, I (like many others) had some serious issues with the campaign map. I get terrible frames on TW3 (like 20-30) and a solid 60 on TW2. I also, at first found TW3 aesthetically displeasing (fancy way to say I thought it was ugly). Revisiting Mortal Empires though I find the UI and campaign map of TW3 superior.

I’m not clever enough to explain why but I’m with @Scotch_Lufkin on the map being cleaner and easier to read. I also find it just more colorful and prettier now. The different colors of corruption, while at first a bit off putting, I now appreciate how easy it makes at a glance to tell how bad it is in a province and who the main culprit is.

I snapped a couple screenshots of locations both in Mortal Empires and TW3 for a rough comparison. These were taken without corruption (well, Skaven corruption doesn’t really have a visual).

First up is the Sothern Darklands that got a serious makeover in TW3

Mortal Empires

TW3 Realms of Chaos

Kislev also got a serious makeover

Mortal Empires

TW3 Realms of Chaos

I think the Kislev one really highlights the ease and readability. The rivers are really pronounced and the roadways are much clearer.

Again, the TW3 campaign map makes my FPS chug but I think it is quite lovely and really look forward to the Immortal Empires map.

Is THIS a joke, I honestly can’t tell?

The top pic is War2, the bottom is from the IE trailer. The bottom looks 100000x better, I am excited.

This is the map I’ve been waiting 6 years to play.

OMG I am so confused.

Oh lord.

Warhammer 2 is the top picture, Warhammer 3 is the bottom picture. Warhammer 3 looks oodles better. That’s it.

Sorry, I wasn’t joking, just backwards. Nevermind me as I shouldn’t be posting while multitasking during work.

You’re both wrong! That’s a picture of Candy Crush Saga on an iPhone 6!

I had this issue as well, but are you saying the TW3:ME runs better now than the TW3 campaign? Or just that even running worse you can put up with it due to the new map being much better?

The only US stream I’ve found so far is this one - Twitch - and so I’m cherry picking (while I skip around in the video) info. I found this screen which I thought was great, as it’s exactly the kind of option/feature this mode needs where we have some fun mid- and late-game events to keep things moving along and challenging, in theory. And being able to turn some of them off that you may not like or be tired of seeing over time is great.

Also, this person mentioned the game was taking up about 103GB of space on his drive, so I thought I should mention that. It’s a big game.

One thing I don’t know if I’ve mentioned anywhere, is I really like how faction/lord selection looks in this UI. But seeing all the factions here was kind of wild, even if I knew on paper about what it would look like, this was still something else.

I also took note of the time it took for the AI factions to take their first turn. This isn’t going to be indicative of the entire game (as it progresses the AI has more to get done, you can see more of the map, and while there are fewer factions those that exist have more to do) but it’s a good start - the first End Turn click took just about 30 seconds, with 275 factions taking their go.


Also, the better/more fun objectives was shown a bit in another video I saw. Dwarf for example.

Warhammer 2 Dwarf Short Campaign Objectives. I use the term “Short” pretty loosely here.

By comparison, Warhammer 3:

Worth noting that for completing this objective, there is an actual reward for doing so and while you could end your campaign here and call it good, if you kept going (presumably to tackle the Long objective) you have that option and can benefit from the permanent boon provided by the short objective reward.

For several more example Short objectives and a look at some Long Campaign and Domination objective example, as well as a deeper look at the end game challenges and options, here is the video I am watching:

This video also talks about the imported Warhammer 2 maps and how many are very different than what we may be used too from War2 but also that they seem to have weather variations based on what’s happening on the strategy map, which will add to a good bit of map variety.

I’ve seen some streams popping up this morning. So far it is old factions on the new IE map. I admit to having tragically under played games 1, 2, and 3 (especially 3). However, the hype is building. I’m thinking this newest dlc plus the new map will be the game I imagined many years ago. Will it be enough to get me to sit down and finally dive in deep? I don’t know. But the hype is definitely building as I see where they have taken the game from late WTW2, to the iffy launch of 3, to the shaken up version launching (beta) in a few weeks.

Sorry I tried to be clear, I’ve only played the TW3 main (Realms of Chaos) campaign. I don’t know if the new campaign/map will run the same or worse (possibly better, but I don’t think so). Its definitely a case of even with the TW3 campaign map running worse I think the map looks better than TW2: Mortal Empires (there’s not any overlap with the Vortex campaign I believe, so harder to compare).

So, its your second point (“even running worse you can put up with it due to the new map being much better”) but I stress I am only talking about the TW3 Realms of Chaos map as I won’t have access to the Immortal Empires until you all do (unless you got some early access).

Edit: Okay so the best comparison is from that video @Scotch_Lufkin posted.

Here is the Silver Road in TW2: Mortal Empires (sorry there are no armies or much visibility)

Here is the Silver Road in TW3: Immortal Empires (snipped image from the above YouTube video)

Here is another, this time Reikland from TW2: Mortal Empires

Again, from the YouTube video, Reikland in TW3: Immortal Empires

Hope this helps!

Thanks for both of these, it’s what I was going for with my compare yesterday.

The Reikland one in particular is a great example of improved readability.

Thanks for the detailed reply @Mike_Hernandez and for all the others who did the vids and stuff. I mean, I’m gonna buy this I’m sure. I was just hoping it would run better than it did when I tried it off of Gamepass. Maybe it’ll still run a bit better from Steam instead of the gamepass version. Mostly I just need to upgrade my rig.

No need to be rude. For example I can see the differences, but I don’t know which was WH2 and which was WH3.