Totalbiscuit RIP

Man, this sucks. RIP, indeed. He’ll be missed.

So no more Zero Punctuation videos?

He had a nice voice, and a clear way of explaining things.

Wrong guy, though plenty of people seen to confuse the brits.

I really liked his matter of fact style and lack of fear in stating his opinions. Disnt always agree but he always explained why he felt the way he did

50 or 60 years ago he would have been in radio

Rest in peace John.

For the benefit of those who don’t know the difference:
Zero Punctuation = Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw TotalBiscuit = John Peter Bain

Hell, with that voice, he could have been in radio today, or any time, really. I could easily picture him on NPR for instance.

Of course, he did much better financially doing what he did, but yeah, what a terrific voice he had. Sort of like Orson Welles.

He was such a generous, kind person. We debated occasionally on Twitter and it was always very enjoyable and thoughtful.

As others have said, he also had a remarkable voice.

Sorry, I thought he was the one who did the ZP videos.

Gofund me was opened for his family.

How do we know that the money is really going to the family? Who is the guy who started it? He doesn’t seem overly connected to TB at first glance…

Also, a recent update before TB’s death said he didn’t really want his family to rely on GofundMe to survive. He didn’t seem too keen for those to be started and wanted to leave a healthy Youtube channel and other TB endeavours for Genna to manage instead.

All I’m saying is, it wasn’t started by the family and I’m not too sure about contributing to random campaigns.

His wife re-tweeted it, thanking the creator. So its legit.

Thanks for the added info.

It’s always sad when someone dies at such a young age, but I’m really going to miss Totalbiscuit. I don’t watch a lot of youtube game reviews and he was the only reviewer I regularly checked. I always enjoyed his videos and he helped guide my purchases at least a few times.


I guess I missed this thread. I had no idea he died. I used to watch his stuff all the time at my other job. This really sucks. I am not sure how to express this idea, but he was a major influence in the kinds of works he did, the new kinds of internet game reviews that let you really see what the game play was like so you could decide for yourself.

I really hate death. I hate loosing people from my world. I know this is kind of “duh”, but really, if there is one thing a really hate, is the permanent goodbye. You are gone with no possibility to ever return.

Permadeath sucks

Documentary on Totalbiscuit by Different Level.

Nice find

Thanks for sharing, draxen.

Yeah, thanks @draxen. We watched it last night. Got a bit difficult to watch toward the end.
Still can’t get over how damn young he was.