Train vs. Tornado

Though honestly it could have just been straight-line winds. Still amazing.

— Alan

That was pretty awesome. I was expecting the whole train to just go tumbling over and not see much but the video delivered! The fact that the part of the train just behind the camera got knocked over was awesome. Good stuff.

Good thing they had an otherwise useless camera sitting there :)

Aside from filming awesome tornado-train brutality, I do wonder what else they hoped to accomplish by putting a camera there.
I would have probably wet myself after seeing the 3-4 attached carriages immediately behind the cab fall away to reveal the other half of the train catching up.

According to someone purporting to be an engineer in the comments, the camera is there specifically to film accidents. These days though, cameras and storage are so cheap that everything that moves should have one just in case there’s an awesome accident.

I really could’ve done without the first 50 seconds. They should’ve trimmed that shit before they put it up on Youtube.

That was insane though. Seeing the back half coming up fast…that’s pretty horrifying.

You kids and your MTV instant gratification video. grumble

I watched it low res and so
when the car fell I couldt really make out what was behind on the track. Then I saw some sparks and thought “is that another… Ut oh”

The last part of the train sparking down the tracks is the payoff. You think it’s over, sort of cool, but sort of “meh”, and then comes the collision. Good stuff.

Why didn’t the train just turn around?

Yeah, it was kinda like Glenn Close at the end of Fatal Attraction.


I like how you can see the trees just getting blasted right before, then the debris flying through the air. Then the car comes off, revealing that all is not well. And then you see the tanker coming…

That’s the hobocam.