"Transistor" - next game from Bastion creator Supergiant Games

Announcement video

Game will apparently be at PAX East event.

Screenshots from official company site:

Art style looks good. Is it the same kind of combat as Bastion?

If video is any indication, seems so. Presumably new project is being built on lessons from Bastion.

Damn you! I took 5 minutes to make a superpost, and you beat me to it! I’ll post parts of it here, because I think people need to hear more of that great singeress!

It should be said though, that the song is written by Supergiant and sung by the rather wonderfulAshley Lynn Barret who also sung the wonderful Build that Wall(Zias theme) and Setting Sail, coming Home (End Theme).

I know there are a lot of links in the above, but thats because I feel the game never really got the exposure it deserved, and I think if people dont know what Bastion is, or remember the songs, they really should listen to them. Also, if you already know them, go listen to them again!

Bastion got its hook in me at the end, where the game took a turn and did something I’ve never seen in a game before, and that small thing, combined with the games wonderful narration up’nt till that point, made me care more about a game, than I should.

Anyways - Transistor is set for release in 2014, and they have my money if they want it!

Nice! Wanna see more, and obvs get the soundtrack. ;)

Thank God, because you also had an enormous typo in your title!

The art is lovely. Sort of an art deco style. If they just transpose the gameplay from Bastion straight over to a new world, I’m there, day one. Loved that game.

Bastion is really good, so I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

I hope there’s an upgrade that shrinks that silly Final Fantasy 7 sword.

wow - I never even saw that…You are absolutely right :-)

And yeah, the guys who made Bastion are definitely worth paying attention to!

I’m a bit disappointed at how much it looks like Bastion. Of course it’s only pre-alpha, but it’s clearly the same engine, gameplay style, weapon-to-character proportion, destructible squarish arenas, etc. Then again I may not be qualified to opine as I didn’t get very far into Bastion itself, it didn’t quite get its hooks into me.

The combat has a strategic focus. People will see at PAX East later this week where we have an early playable build.
While the game is fast-paced like Bastion, at almost any time you can enter into a planning mode (sort of like the old Infinity Engine games where you could pause, except here it’s tied to the fiction and so on). From there you can queue up your next several actions then see what happens. Use of cover and position are intended to be key this time around.

That sounds like a great way to make it easier to play on something like the iPad. Can’t wait for a chance to try it out.

You’re talking my kind of language.

That run animation is… pretty alpha.

Personally I loved Bastion, so you had me already. But this just sounds awesome. Can’t wait to see more of it.

Why, i’m not sure, but i think i caught a whiff of … Moorcock.

Bastion had heart. Its one of the few games that got an emotional response from me. Its more understated approach allowed it get under my skin in a way that Braids more “THIS IS ART” approach tried but ultimately failed.

I wish the art style and gameplay was a bigger departure from Bastion. Then again, most developers who made a game as great as Bastion would be keen to follow it up with an expansion or sequel. But the Bastion story was so satisfyingly complete that it would feel wrong to try and continue past that ending. So why not allow them a chance to reuse some of the same engine and ideas to tell a different story? I’d rather this than Bastion 2 or Bastion:The Subtitleing


Speak of Bastion, it’s on humblebundle right now for minimum of $1

I find the above sentiment to be so very true. Incredibly stoked about this! Bastion was such a triumph on a number of levels; I still listen to the soundtrack regularly. Supergiant appears very much to have my number.

I don’t mind that this seems very reminiscent of Bastion. Bastion was a fun and unique game, so I’m ok with those devs being ‘just’ evolutionary.

When I first saw that thing, I assumed it was some sort of spacey guitar. Anyway, it looks like it doubles as a shield in the screenshot above, so I guess they’re married to the idea of a big surfboard-sword thing.