Trash and Recycling are Expensive

Whoa some serious bill shock this weekend, the trash service bill for the next quarter arrived and went up $65. If I stick with this company I’ll be paying over $153 a quarter, ($600 a year) for tossing out 2 (13 gallon) kitchen trash bags and a handful of recyclables. WTF.

What is everyone else paying, are there any other alternatives?
I swear a co-worker brings their trash into work. :D

In the UK we have council tax. It covers things the council are supposed to do for us including leisure and recreation projects, such as maintaining parks and sports centres. libraries and education services. rubbish and waste collection and disposal. transport and highway services, including street lighting and cleaning, and road maintenance.

I have to pay £3,000 a year for this service, and it’s non negiotable, all depends non where you live.

Also pay extra for garden waste

I pay about $2 a day for commercial haul wastage. 1 bag a day. If there’s anything bigger or heavier you gotta call to negotiate a rate ($40 for a photocopy machine, etc). They are not very good and forget to pickup at times.

Yeah, I’m in the Midlands in tax band A (so very cheap) which is about £1400 for us. We also don’t pay extra for green waste collections thankfully; we get a general waste bin, recycling bin (card, metal, plastics, tetrapak etc, even textiles and batteries) and then a green waste/compost bin, all collected at the kerbside.

We pay around 175 per quarter…have for years…thank heavens no increase.

I do bring some extra trash to our office trash container…on the weekends…after I turn off the security cameras!

I am getting the sense that $30/month aka $1 day is no longer a real thing.

Wish they would charge me by the bag!

I pay $160 every 3 months for garbage pickup. I have 1 trash bag a week, sometimes 2, and fill the recycling bin like barely halfway. That only fills up if I get an amazon delivery.

I’ve considered asking my neighbor if I can give him a few bucks to toss my single bag in his bin. Or, I can spend $30 to get a year long access pass to the town dump and drive it there myself.

My rate is $16.78 a month, per trash can. $6.65 to add a recycle bin/pickup. I pay the city, so maybe that’s subsidized with taxes.

$56 per month here in suburban Cincinnati, that includes once-a-week trash pick up of any amount (excluding very large items like recliners, mattresses, etc.) and recycling pick up on the same day (different trucks). Very large items you are supposed to call ahead and they charge about $30 extra per item.

Several years ago they charged quarterly and it was like $90 per bill. Over time they kept adding on a “fuel surcharge” when gas prices would rise, then another “surcharge” during COVID, etc… Of course when gas prices fell or COVID was over those charges somehow stayed on the bill (they just were no longer line itemized), and in 2022 they just decided to start billing monthly at $50+ a month instead.

$46/month, pickup once a week. We usually have three bins of recyclables, though that could be less if I wasn’t so lazy. Since they started mandatory composting, we’ve had a lot of weeks where we don’t even put out a garbage bag. When we do, it’s usually a single 13 gallon bag. Composting costs $1/per five-gallon bucket, and I take three of them to the dump every three weeks or so. So maybe a buck a week there.

On the plus side, our local garbage haulers are pretty good about taking stuff that would be within their rights to reject, like bulky recyclables not cut up into smaller pieces.

$24/mo for weekly pickup here that includes one trash and one recycling bin. You can add two more of each for a one time $50/bin. Three free bulk pickups a year scheduled at least a day ahead of time. And large items like furniture are just… picked up with no need for the bulk call. This is run by the city; I think you can opt-out and get your own service… but the cost is so low it’s never even crossed my mind.

$175 per half year in Reading. Township negotiates the contract which keeps it low. Much higher at my new place in Montgomery County where you have to get your own trash service.

$65/quarter Chicago burbs for weekly trash and recycling pickup. Sounds like that’s a pretty good deal.

In St. Louis, $14/month for trash and recycling.

Trash/Sewer/Water are also typically included as part of the lease on all apartments/houses rented in the city.


My wife visits her best friend over there a few times a year and keeps talking about us maybe moving there…uh, I’m an OR and WA coast person, not sure how that is going to work…but it’s a lot cheaper there also.

$33.75/month here in Seattle for a 20gal trash container pickup, and $13.95 for food/yard waste.

Recycling is free, though. So there’s that.

$34 per week? Wow. That’s $400 per quarter…I thought $175 was a bit high up here in Stanwood.

Ah, crud. Sorry. That’s per month, not per week.

DARN…now it’s way LESS than Stanwood!!!


Found a local trash guy that offers $28/month, with a 32 gallon trash and 32 gallon recycle can. Going to go with that since we make so little trash, recycle will be tight as its only picked up every other week, but I’ll just smash everything flat if I have to.