Trek Yourself before you wreck yourself

Here’s me:

And a special bonus, ladies and gentlemen… Greg Vederman!

This sucks seriously.

Good luck if you have glasses. It destroys the machine.

Because phaser blasts are bad for your health.

The abomination that is my Cat as Capt Kirk.

I am laughing so hard it hurts. … so creepy.

PRO TIP: Take your glasses off.

I think if I tried this, the universe would feel compelled to ensure I never got laid again.

PRO TIP: I don’t carry a camera around with me at all time, nor do I wish to upload new photos just for this.

I wound up looking like a Vulcan Mythbuster.

It says right in the instructions that glasses will break it. Anyway, this thing actually doesn’t suck for non-four-eyeses, it does a better job than a lot of serious face mapping applications.

If I didn’t have dark glasses I am sure it would work better.

It is more than that though, it is really picky about lining up photos, it keeps giving me errors saying to re-align my face.

I need a tan.

No McCoy, no sale.

Quite well made, actually.

The only picture I had without glasses was a mobile upload from Facebook where I was staring straight into the camera, and it worked.

This reminds me a lot of the old EA Sports create-a-player face-mapper!

Are we all doing Vulcans, then? Here I am

I tried several photos, but… it was giving me lots of crap.

This is truly awful.

This is better:

Yeah, that one wins.

Shiite Boners? Is that some new islamic sect? :O

It wouldn’t accept it written properly. But I decided to keep it anyway.

Tom Cruise would like to ask you a question.