Trese Brothers Games (Star Traders: Frontiers and more)


Put those two things together ;-)

Or better yet, check out the Kickstarterpage - Star Traders 2 IS Star Traders Frontiers.


Did you ask for a steam key? Its only out on PC. If you asked for mobile version, you have to wait a few months.

If you did ask for steam key, then you should have received an email from Andrew Trese in mid-November with the key. Check your spam folder?


Hmmmm. I think I was focused on the iPad version when I signed up. Don’t remember if they asked during signup


Yes, they did send a survey last year where you specify what format you want. However, if you just go to the KS page, in comments, and tell them now what you want they will accommodate. So if you never did the survey, or if you changed your mind, they’ll take care of you. They’re very responsive.


Replying here so I remember to check this out soon.


I bought Star Trader: Frontiers yesterday and am finding this helpful in learning the ropes.

If you have the time and inclination to figure out the game mechanics on your own I would skip the wiki. I do not have either so I found it a useful way to get into the game since there is no tutorial yet.


So did this ever get better with patches? I played about 10 hours of ST:F at the end of December, and it was just dull.

Most of the minigames had so few decisions and were so boring that they might as well not have existed at all. The ship combat had a little bit more going on, but I still found every battle followed exactly the same formula; you might have two dozen ship combat skills, but there was never any reason to use most of them.

The crew management looked like it was supposed to be a big part of the game, but in practice there was nothing to do there but to occasionally go and choose skills/perks for the people who had leveled up.

I was moderately invested in the main story, but it just wasn’t worth getting through more of the gameplay for the next little story beat.


Thanks for the link!

I am trying out the game in-between Battletech, but a bit hard to know what to do. I was surprised at how many crew members you have starting out. It is a bit overwhelming trying to decide what skills or job to pick for each crew member. I suppose time will teach which skills are needed most at the beginning of a game.


Also interested in this. I’d love to hear about longevity from others.


From what I recall, you can go with the defaults and focus on the officers. Each relevant skill just give you additional dice-rolls and/or options during events. So it’s good for officers to select professions that are not in your crew members. Other than that, the regular crew can go for the default picks.


Update 61 and counting. New ship hulls, 14 matching outfits for each gender and other goodies.


This series of Let’s Plays on YouTube by MintDragon are very helpful in learning the game mechanics and finer points. I’m enjoying his series, he knows the game (was an alpha tester) and he does not add extraneous blabber. I think I’m going to enjoy this game a lot for a long time.



Two more updates.

And this, "We keep getting questions about updates and whether or not they require a restart. We’ll keep working to broadcast this – but no update ever requires an restart. We would never release an update that invalidates anyone’s saved game – that would be terrible thing to do and completely unacceptable, EA or not. So, play on! "


This past week’s patch added auto train of talents, which helps immeasurably.

I’m at 51 hours of play time and still enjoying it. My commander, the merchant Fat Ass McCoy, is still traipsing around his starting quadrant, with about 100K in earnings. He avoids most battles and is busy doing missions and making (mostly legal) trades. I’m pretty invested in the story of my commander and his crew and have not yet tired of it.


25% off on Steam.

76th update released yesterday with this little nugget, “As we hone in on the end of the Early Access period.”

Much fun to be had here.


One thing I really like about Templar Battleforce is that the interface is single-click driven. Probably an artefact of the mobile origins of the brothers, but it makes the game incredibly easy to play with a single finger, which is sometimes a limitation I experience.
Anyway, I am curious to know if Star Traders is focused on the same single-click, select and tap ergonomics?


There is definitely right clicking in this one.


The only right clicking in this one that I have experienced is on the star map, to choose your next destination. Pretty sure everything else is left click only.


Seems like these would be excellent ipad games?


Yes that is planned also. I backed this on Kickstarter several years ago at a level that got me both the Steam and iOS versions for $25. It’ll be on Android as well. I think both mobile versions will come out when the PC version comes out of early access.