Trese Brothers Games (Star Traders: Frontiers and more)

Yeah, I bought that in 2019 or so and it’s starting to feel like Duke Nukem (Taking) Forever. At least he’s not selling pictures of spaceships.

As far as I know that is the plan. Sooner or later.

Yeah, the dude has been updated the game on a consistent basis and takes a lot of time to put together videos covering all the new stuff. So less vaporware, more a huge game for one person to work on.

It should be mentioned that the Trese Brothers are patchaholics. You can check the version history of Star Traders to get an impression just how hard those people work on their stuff.

I usually don’t do early access these days any more, but this is once again catnip to me - scifi sandbox TBS with procedural storyline and some interesting class/equipment choices (cyborg lynxes!).

So, I’ll toss them whatever they want for it and watch it mature like a good wine. October’s release list is pretty bleak for me, so this is welcome news.

Yeah the Trese brothers will do early access properly.

I would rather wait and get the majority of my time with the game when it is a bit more complete. I find it hard to go back to things sometimes.

I backed this on Kickstarter. I’m probably going to hold off playing it until the actual release, but I’ll be interested in what you EA folks think of the game.

By the way, the initial “projected delivery date“ was March 2021.

[Astrox Imperium] I know about the updates with videos and stuff but from watching a few of those I get the feeling that it’s a case of endless scope/feature creep. Like Jace is not just adjusting values and bug fixing but still adding entirely new stuff and making serious changes, making it feel like it’s not even in beta. Just an impression though-- I’ve barely played it because I want to wait for 1.0.

Well, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is out today.

Should we open a new Thread for it or just keep this one puttering along?
(Downloading as we speak, it’s a scant 11 gigs in size.)

New game, new thread.

So what are first impressions?

I will buy this today but not sure when I’ll play it. Still, there are some first impressions around, and I really like this channel in particular:

Rough around the edges, with over half the planned content missing, but it’s got the DNA hallmarks of a great game already. I’ll leave that one to simmer a bit, but so far it’s what I excpected…XCOMs stealthier brother, or a very violent version of Invisible Inc.

Base building and endless mode are missing, the character editor is a hot mess, but the actual tactical game is promising so far.

Sounds exactly like what I expected, too, and that’s awesome. Not sure when I’ll play, but I can wait. Bought the game already anyway to support the Trese Brothers, because they deserve that support. ;)

You’d have thought…

Right? Well, as they say if ya want something done…