Tribes of Europa (Netflix)

Anyone else watch this? I made my way through the six episodes and it could basically be a middling season of The 100. Don’t expect any answers - it ends with several cliffhangers so if you’re in, you’ve gotta be in.

Oh, and it’s mostly in German, though there’s some English. I couldn’t figure out why they did that, and given the conceit I don’t understand how these post-apocalyptic tribes could find the time to teach everyone English anyway.

It’s… OK. No better, no worse. Decent production values, mediocre writing, average acting, etc. I didn’t find any of the characters interesting, though the Katniss was at least better than the Frodo. I’m not setting a google alert to see if S2 gets approved. If you’re up for a great Netflix series in German, try Babylon Berlin instead.

I like the obvious fake punch at the 1:08 mark. Why bother putting that in the trailer? Is that the best they’ve got?

I liked this.

This also had Ulrich from “Dark”.

I’ve watched 3 episodes now. Seems good enough, and I am happy to say that it’s only 6 episodes for the season, so not a huge commitment.