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I try to remember the name of a movie director. Somewhere I read, that the director (before he was a director) was waiting on a bus stop and then a shooting happened in front of his eyes. Like someone left the bus and got shot. I thoghut it was John Carpenter, but checking biographic sources failed to confirm that event.
Also I checked Peter Bogdanovich with no success… Does anybody know more about that story? Who was the director?


Something like that happened, but with more irony, to Steve Martin’s character in Grand Canyon. I don’t remember hearing anything like that happening to real people. Sounds like an interesting story, though!

Werner Herzog was shot while doing an on-camera interview. But it was not a significant bullet.


can’t find it.

Here is a list of possible directors. When I read about that story, I remember the fact that the director was famous for making horror/violent movies and that it was an “established” director. So this story coud be attributed to maybe:
(most likely at top of the list)

John Carpenter
Paul Verhoeven
David Cronenberg
Sam Raimi
Peter Bogdanovich (because of his Targets)
Wes Craven
George A Romero
Lars von Trier
Brian De Palma
Ridley Scott

I think I read it in a book or magazine or maybe on IMDB trivia about a director… but I am 100% sure that I read about it…