Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children thread

I just discovered this a few hours ago:

It’s a tactical RPG made in S. Korea with good reviews. I like the crisp colorful graphics. The gameplay seems sensible. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve played a “story heavy” game. I think FF9 was the last one. I will give this a shot later today and report back.

I have this.

Basically, its Xcom, if Xcom was made in Japan. That means, it has somewhat excellent turn based isometric combat. Each soldier has 10 gazillion different stats, masteries, skills, techs, moves and so on, which requires a degree in JRPGs to understand.
Between missions, you are playing a Linear (To the best of my knowledge, that is) narrative game, with little to no options.

If you DO enjoy JRPGs, this could be rather good, I think. I didnt have the patience nor understanding of the many many many many skills and masteries and such.

Thanks for the warning. Maybe I can blunder my way through it anyway. I was hoping for an RPG where I don’t have to approach everyone and navigate a giant dialogue tree. PoE: Deadfire burned me out.

I’ll admit I’m having fun with this one, in doses. Its very much like XCOM (including rescuing civilians, and stealth activation of enemies) but under the hood and the strategic aspect is MUCH deeper/convoluted like a in depth JRPG.

This is defintely the year of XCOM clones, which is amazing thing! Well, Gears sorta soured me a little, but generally happy overall. :)

I am getting tired of the game. I am lvl +20 and it’s still the same units over and over and over again, with very minor variations. And they will throw 50 of them at you in a mission! This is not fun.

Yes i see that, did you get a handle on the research? I’m still struggling to understand it.

I like the variety of missions you can choose from and the rewards you get for protecting them, but i can see your point. It does feel like a grind at points.

I think I figured them mostly out. You gain masteries in two ways:

  1. Collecting them as loot after defeating enemies. Different enemies drop different masteries. There is a lot of randomness to it. You can grind for them by replaying old missions.
  2. Crafting them. (I don’t think “researching” is as good a term.) You will use other masteries you already possess as ingredients.

Generally you won’t need specific masteries as ingredients, but one or more masteries from the different categories (basic, support, ability, etc.). If you install certain masteries together at the same time you may create a “mastery set”. When this happens you gain bonuses and a star will appear next to each mastery in the set. I had one character with four mastery sets and I unlocked an Steam achievement.

When equipped, each mastery takes up a slot. Each mastery also has a point cost. A handful of masteries cost 0 points. Most cost 1 point. Other masteries cost 2 or 3 points. Your character is limited in the number of slots as well as points. You unlock slots as you gain character levels. The number of points you can spend also increases with character levels. Each mastery category (basic, support, ability, etc.) also has its own slot and point count/limit.

I haven’t figured out crafting gear yet.

I’m really digging this game, lots of choices for missions, heavy story element and often feels like XCOM meets Final Fantasy! YakAttack is not wrong that a lot of the enemies repeat, they are just leveled up with new abilities and more HP. That said, you meet a lot of potential allies during your ‘investigations’ and building the team up and leveling your team is the real reward of this game.

I’ve now met a LOT of characters and my concern, is it will be a LOT of grinding to build up my company and complete missions to recruit ALL these potential allies. I’m in Chapter 3, how chapters are there?

OK, hit level 32 and finally ready for it to end lol. Great game, depth and mechanics, but i personally like shorter games with more replay-ability. Also the english translation is REALLY horrible. lol The map designs are outstanding, beat XCOM by a mile!

I gave up on it. It’s too repetitive. The level design is okay I guess, but I often couldn’t figure out what the objects on the map were supposed to be. Also, every building seems to have roof access directly from the street.

In the end i gave up on it for similar reasons, despite enjoying the tactical team play quite a bit, after 100+ hours and no ending in sight, i called it quits. Its a shame if it was 50 hours or less I would have put it in my to play again pile, but building a neverending game without end just isnt my style, it doesnt help that the translations for the story get worse the deeper you get in.

Got it on deep discount at least, and had 20 hours worth of fun playing a Japanese Xcom and I’m now done with it. Not certainly done as finished, just done.

Everything Razgon said above applies to this one. In particular all the equipment sorting, crafting I absolutely do not want to do so I don’t, masteries, a research mechanic for masteries I can’t make heads or tails of, a linear story line that is completely inane and missions that are all the same.

Got talked into checking this out by someone who I’ll be ignoring going forward. ;)

I enjoyed this game a lot last year—where it came up and was discussed in some megathread or other rather than here, Qt3 at its best!—but my experience with it mirrors @David2’s almost exactly. After about 50 hours, I was done with it. However, I’m not a completionist and I rarely enjoy 50 hours with a game anyway, so it’s still mostly good in my eyes. I also feel like it’s more of a ‘grinding optional’ than ‘grinding required’ game, at least for the story missions.

But, yes, most everything else said in this thread is accurate as well (except the game is Korean, not Japanese). The crafting is tedious–but mostly skippable–and the mastery system is massive, not well explained, and has scant info available online.

Quick Shaving!

Not sure who wants to know this given the original game’s reception upthread (fatigue setting in at 20, 30, 50 hours etc.), but a sequel has been announced:

The Devs estimate two years’ development time, followed by a release into Early Access, so nothing concrete for a long time.

Due to our lack of skill, the development process will take a long time, but we won’t stop doing our best to communicate with all our fans at all costs.


I’ve just started playing the first game, and am enjoying it a lot, though I’ve restarted three times at various difficulty settings. I can see how it could become an interminable slog, but it’s been fun so far.

Finished this game yesterday, and had a pretty great time with it.

It has some balance issues near the end, where if you don’t engage with all the systems, you can have a hard time with the last two missions. They introduce whole new subsystems for pets (for the hunter class) and drones (for the engineer) pretty late on, and if you’re in the frame of mind where you want to get to the end of the game, you might neglect these two areas, like me.

I think that ties in with the ARPG-ish idea that the end of the campaign is the beginning of the game proper, and it definitely looked like the game would soon expect you to do things like swap out builds for specific levels, something the more casual player won’t really be keen on.

Feedback upthread is slightly negative and is all valid depending on what you’re looking for (huge maps that take a long while to play, an opaque mastery (build) system, the semi-random nature of whether you get a skill you need can all be positives or negatives), but overall I thought the game was superb. The mixture of turn-based tactics and build and synergy tinkering put it squarely in the Goldilocks Zone for me.

It’s a long 'un though. Worth a look in a sale if you have some time to invest.