True crime, streets of la

sorry for the console lovers that love this game, but it’s utter crap. A complete rip off from GTA, im not sure if anything has been posted about this game as yet, but yea… it’s alright for a bit of fun running people over in cars and doing some kung-fu on peds. Larger city than gta, would of been quite a good game, but the physics when driving is pathetic and so is the general controls… gameplay overall is crap…

Only thing im looking forward to in this game is trying out multi-player for a good laugh, and see what kind of bugs can be found by making ramps. As it already is you can walk through some walls in single player.

but you can play as [email protected]#

But Gamecube owners can’t play GTA3 without purchasing an XBox or PS2. I’m certainly not going to pick up those other systems just to play one game, so True Crime wound up being my first exposure to this freeform hybrid of gaming genres. After playing this game, I realized why GTA3 is making a smash; the story is completely tangential to the fun you can have exploring this city. I only played the game for a couple of hours, though, so it might get old after a few more.

I didn’t have any complaints about driving, save for the lack of a rear-view mirror (I ran over more pedestrians backing up my car than driving it normally; sometimes three at a time).

Hand-to-hand combat seems to be little more than button-mashing though. Maybe there’s some technique to be discovered, since I only got into two fights without using my guns.