True Detective: Night Country


Sounds like the Dyatlov Pass incident.

The whole snow and ice setting definitely evokes Fortitude and the scandi crime shows and I always appreciate Jodie Foster, so I’m in.

Nice travelogue for Alaska.

So I am still confused. We have DirecTV streaming, and we get HBO with it. Will these Max shows be available there? The HBO logo has been on all of them so far.

No clue. I get HBO through Directv stream and you get access to the HBO Max app, that has all of the content.

I didn’t know that. I guess I will be installing that app on our TVs and once again wonder what the hell our password is for DTV.

Does anyone know if watching the previous True Detective is needed? I’d love to see this, but not if I have 30 hours of television to go through first.

The first three seasons are completely stand alone, nothing to do with one another.

TIL there was a third season of True Detective.

Guess I got some watchin to do!

Awesome- thanks a lot!

I think you’ll get this one. You’ll see this one is actually marked with the HBO Original logo down in the corner. Less clear about some of the other shows they mentioned today.

You will need to watch season 1 of true detective. Not because it’s related to this one, but because it is freakin great.

I second this (though the ending was a bit anticlimactic).

Or watch 2 and 3 before the first season as it set a high bar that wasn’t reached with the subsequent seasons. Still, I didn’t think season 2 was as bad as the critics made it out to be; there were some good performances in it.

Holy cats, that’s the amazing Kali Reis, from Catch the Fair One, in that thumbnail! I’d recognize her anywhere. And they’re teaming her up with Jodie Foster?

That is bad ass. I will definitely be watching this.

Well this does certainly look interesting.

Yeah, that looks like a great winter watch. It should be a treat to watch Foster inhabit a role for an entire series instead of just a two hour film (similar to how I felt about Winslet in Mare of Easttown).

That was probably a bit too packed, but there is a lot of meat to gnaw on. Immediate thought is it’s got so many different vibes. True Detective has always flirted with the paranormal, but this is flat-out being a horror movie. Of course there are the immediate comparisons to The Thing, but more heavily of that recent series The Head (Katherine O’Donnelly, sigh). Then there’s 40 Days of Night. The setting is impeccable. With the weekly release this is a going to be a good ol fashion slow burn.

Agreed with all of the above. They even have a brief, passing shot of The Thing in the Tsalal video library. I paused to check out the board games they were playing up there, but sadly they did not name drop many real board games, and instead it looks like their prop people made up some facsimiles.

Anyone up for a game of Dice Roller or Shit Happens? The one board game that I think I recognize is Pandemic, so that’s probably a clue there.

Like Woolen_Horde said there might be a bit too much in this episode, and certainly there are more super-natural seeming occurrences than in previous seasons. I do like the idea though of a more female-coded eldritch, and really just how incredibly present gender is in so many scenes. Oh right and Jodie Foster is just killing it. This is probably why she’s such a famous actor.

Also, I like to think of the show as part of the Kate Beaton extended universe:

Who knows what beasts she saw out there in the tar sands.