Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


Or he chose to ignore some good legal advice.


Perhaps, but the courtroom descriptions of the visible surprise shown by Flynn’s attorney suggests they were pretty surprised by how this went today.


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I loved the ending.

We asked Mueller’s spokesman if he had a response to . . . well, anything.

“We appreciate your reaching out,” replied Carr. “But we’ll decline comment at this time.”

No offense to Mr. Carr, but so far he’s had one of the easiest jobs in Washington, all he has to do is come up with variations of no comment, and tell reporters asking for interviews, politely NFW.

If Mueller doesn’t find any direct links to Trump and clears him of anything besides making bad hiring decisions, will people still be as big of a fan?


It’s not about getting Trump. It’s about getting the truth about what the Russians did, and any crimes related to that or which come to light as part of the investigation.


Barring further information, if Mueller’s investigation concluded that he didn’t knowingly/willfully collude with Russia, then I’ll accept that. That’s the point of having it investigated, not to prove that my beliefs are right but to get to the truth of the matter.

Admittedly, “Barring further information” is a rather large caveat, but if the results of the investigation don’t line up with my suspicions/beliefs then that alone isn’t going to make me dislike Mueller. If it turned up he now owned a lavish dacha in Russia and had a few suspiciously large deposits made into his bank account I would revise that. :)


I’m 95% convinced that’s what Mueller believes his job is and that is what he is doing. But if we are being honest with ourselves many of us view Mueller as our best chance at stopping Trump and maybe getting the SOB impeached. Like Kevin, I’ll accept Mueller’s findings but I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop myself from thinking and saying at times that Trump had some deal with Putin.


This x1000.

While I would like to see Trump impeached and then led away in chains, I can accept that he will be president at least through 2021 because he won the election and the American people proved themselves definitively and for all time to be dumbasses.

It gets trickier if we can determine that illicit foreign aid was decisive in handing the election to Trump, but the problem is as far as I know there is no electoral mechanism to redress that. I’d be up for a do-over, personally, but I doubt it’s gonna happen…


At this point there’s probably a 0.00001% chance that Trump and family are completely innocent of collusion with Russia in my mind. The tower meeting, all the incessant lying, etc. These are not things that innocent people do.


Legal scholar: No one can fuck up a sentencing hearing where the prosecution recommends no jail time.
Flynn: Hold my beer.


We do?

Are many people saying this?

Everyone knows this?

That type of thing?



I believe the word choice should have been “exposing” Trump for the POS that he is and all the illegal things he’s done, especially when those appear to border on treason.


Why discuss a far-fetched hypothetical? We already know the evidence has Trump cold on campaign finance violations, and common sense strongly suggests he must have known about the Russia meeting. Not to mention the fact that he tweets “I AM OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE. NO REALLY IM SERIOUS!!!1” two or three times a day. At this point Trump not being directly involved in any illegal activities at all is about as likely as Q being real.

I think most people here are resigned to the fact the Trump will remain in office until 2020. But that has nothing to do with Mueller and what he does or doesn’t find, and everything to do with Congress abandoning its job by not acting on the information that’s already available.


I trust Mueller to do his job.

If he somehow finds nothing on Trump, then I’ll believe him.

He’s already found a bunch of criminals.


Yet somehow he hasn’t turned up Hillary’s email server yet. Where is that thing, anyway?


It’s achieved sentience and now seeks world domination.


So good.


And now, a peek into the Trumpverse.


Such a loon. Flynn got dressed down by the judge and now may reveal more to Mueller.


Including “Individual 1”.

Definitely not "nothing on Trump.


Sounds like that DC Court clear out was definitely Mueller, and he won:

An “unnamed company”? Hmm. Could be a lot of things, including the Trump Organization, Cambridge Analytica, etc.