Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)



Amash is a fairly hard core libertarian, and not really a partisan GOP member at all.


Yeah Amash is basically the actual conservative/libertarian wing of the GOP almost all by himself, the wing that it looked like Ron Paul might make into a viable bloc 10-15 years ago…before the Tea Party happened and claimed so many candidates who were potentially aligned there. (Those potential candidate mostly joined the tea party, or got beat in primaries by tea party versions of themselves.)


I mean, Amash is a member of the Tea Party, but he was a member who aligned with them due to libertarian principles (agree or disagree) instead of dog whistles.


Amash’s most interesting questions by the way, and they were indeed very good.

I also wondered about how Cohen could be so sure of his “knowing” that Trump wanted him to do something without Trump explicitly saying so. The tie analogy explains it pretty well.


“Is there a love child?”

Well this is certainly some interesting C-SPAN.


Cohen definitive: he did not go to Prague, has not been to the Czech Republic, and went to Europe during the campaign only to the UK, to visit his daughter at college in London.


Can’t stand to watch the testimony because the Republicans just drive me nuts.


They are so righteously indignant at this perversion of their sacred institution!


Surely there are more important things we could be doing right now than talking to Cohen. I’m not sure why we’re even interrupting infrastructure week to conduct this interview…

[actually said by some republican who I can only see the back of the head of on the global news stream.]



That would be Carol Miller of West Virginia.

Interestingly enough, she used the phrase “neo-natal abstinence syndrome”. That’s basically babies who are born as “addicts” because their mothers are opiod abusers.

As someone pointed out on Twitter, we call it “neo-natal abstinence” now that it’s white babies. It used to be “crack babies” back in the day, when African American newborns were the primary sufferers.


Christine Blasey Ford already forgotten … this testimony will not change anything. Politics is so shitty, and the Rs are really fascist enablers


Man, Cohen’s wearily condescending way of speaking is really starting to grate on me.


Agree, this is something that’s going to be followed-up on extensively. Be curious to see what the SCO has to say on it as well.


That bit about Convicted Russian Mobster Sader sounds straight out of Bojack Horseman. (Some democrat kept repeating the whole phrase, and emphasizing his ties to Trump.)


Jimmy Jordan is a fucking embarrassment to the congress and to his country. And to his voters.


This didn’t take long.


His voters love him, because that gerrymandered monstrosity of rural NW Ohio is also an embarrassment.


Oh, I know. I went to High School with him, and my parents were unfortunately in his district. They loathed him, but I have plenty of other relatives who love him. Because they are partisan morons, frankly. He does nothing for them.