Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)


Yeah, AOC’s questions were very, very good. Here, I’ll let Post congressional reporter Paul Kane speak for me:

And what she got from Cohen was an admission that Trump was likely using asset inflation in insurance filings. That’s a no-no.


I concur, they were surprisingly good. They established a basis for subpoenaing additional witnesses.


I mean…

Yep. If Weisselberg hasn’t retained counsel specific to this stuff…he’d better.


Isn’t Weisselberg cooperating with SDNY? I thought he was.

Edit: He is under a grant of immunity.

Second edit: Well, maybe that’s not quite so clear.




Ok, and Maher says that too, but what does that actually mean? If Dems actually got the necessary electoral votes, that amounts to Trump crossing his arms and harrumphing until the Secret Service drags him out?

Otherwise we are talking about a military coup, and I’m not persuaded the officers like him that much.


That guy Gosar is … wow …

Someone explain why these people become like this? It makes me wonder if these Republican attack dogs have some sort of leverage being used on them by an outside entity to get them to act like this?


He’ll go on television and tell his followers to grab their guns and start killing people.

He’d do it. Many of them would listen and follow his directions.
It doesn’t matter what happens in DC much at that point because 1/4 of the nation would have basically started a terrorist insurrection against the rest of us. Even if it didn’t last long because the Army came and stamped it out, you could easily be looking at tens or hundreds of thousands dead and every level of society in tatters that it might never recover from.


Well they’re all bought and paid for, so each is likely acting according to their personal sugar daddy. Got to keep those corporate and ultra-rich tax breaks in place as long as possible, which means keeping a sap like Trump in office.


I’m more concerned about his crazy supporters and what he incites them to do in that situation. It could be a real problem if he starts calling for violence in response to ‘fake election results’.


Yep. There are consequences to putting a low rent mob boss in the White House.


They’re all playing to Trump in a contest to see who can be the best, most loyal attack boy. It’s that simple.

They’re that simple.


What do they win for that? Nothing.

They’re performing for Republican voters in their districts. That’s all.



Gerrymandering. This is what politicians become when they choose their voters.


AOC asking better questions than professional lawyers. Did nobody else do five minutes of homework like she seemed to have? She’s really winning me over.


She made Jimmy Jordan look like the two bit butt boy that he is.


That’s what happens when you pay your staff $52,000 a year!


$52,000?! That is grossly un-American.