Truth in 24

A documentary about Audi’s run to win Le Mans in 2008 will air tonight on ESPN. They chose the production company that does NFL films, so its from the point of view of a racing outsider. Its already garnered some awards as a documentary.

Winning Le Man is about engineering, and teamwork. 24hr racing is a far different test than NASCAR or F1. The Le Man’s prototypes have alot of simularities to F1 cars, but have to be built with far more reliability and serviceability (even if you run a perfect race, which few do, some things like brakes must be replaced mid-race)

I’m really looking forward to it, and would suggest it for racing fans and sports fans in general. A cynic might point out that its funded by Audi and thus a commercial, but Audi commited to the filming way before the ALMS/LMS seasons began. They then had troubles at Sebring, and lost races to their main contender in Europe. The race itself was a good one too.


I want to see this, too. If nothing else, this could have the best-shot race footage since Le Mand and those two IMAX films.

I wish one of the manufacturers had thought of doing something similar during the Group C era, or maybe in the late-90s GT1 heyday.

sweet. i love racing films but am bored to death by actual races.

I can understand that. I think you have to watch endurance races with a different mindset than you do other sports. Much of the storyline unfolds over a long period of time where a strategy call at hr 2 will have an impact on the result of a 24hr race. I actually record races and then watch them in 30-60min chunks over a week or so.

Regarding Truth in 24- I’ve not watched all of it yet due to my schedule, but wow, the visuals were brilliant! The film team made the colors and images really pop beyond what I’m used to in watching racing.